Monday, December 28, 2015

Mrs Singapore World 2015/2016 | Autelier Makeup

A big thank you to Jasmine Liang from Autelier Makeup for dolling me up on my talent contest and pre-judging days. She performed wonders to make me to look prettier! I wouldn't have won the Best Dress Award at the pre-judging without her help! 


After showing her a photo of my red bareback gown from Memoire & Co, she proposed a glamorous and elegant look. Since it's a married women pageant, I thought I should forgo "my sweet young thing look" and went ahead with her suggestion! I'm so glad that I did as I love how it turned out to be!

She set my hairs on rollers while she did her magic on my face. I must say it's the best makeup I had ever. Unlike many other makeup artists that I had in the past, she started off with detailed eye makeup followed by the face then lip. She made my face looked so flawless and the makeup lasted for hours! 

After the makeup, she began her skillful twisting and gave me a Korean messy bun. It's so classy and certainly look much unique than the standard tight bun. The hair totally completed the look! Love! Look out for my "ootd" in the next post or spot it in my instagram

Finally, here's friendly, dedicated and trusty Jasmine! In fact, she is my ex-colleague and I only found out that she did make up for many years as a freelancer when I was about to leave the company. I'm really impressed by her skills and am very thankful to be in her good hands. She is really kind to squeeze me in between her jam-packed bookings.

Do check out Jasmine on Autelier Makeup (website | facebook) if you are looking for a makeup artist, I'm sure she is able to make you look prettier on your special days - wedding, photoshoots or events like how she did to mine! 

Once again, thank you Autelier Makeup and Jasmine!


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