Sunday, December 27, 2015

Emma: 2 years + 4 months old

The school promoted Emma from the PG1 class earlier and she has been with the PG2 class for almost 2 weeks now. I was a little sad that she had to leave PG1 as she really loves her teachers but I'm really glad that almost the entire class has been adjusting well to the new environment and teachers.

She is eating well for her 3 milks and still on the same routine apart from dropping her 5pm milk feed and now down to 3 milk feed a day. We were at hawker after church and let her tried some carrot cake. She loves it and kept asking for more even after a full lunch. And yes, we overcome the hawker seating. Emma's tall enough to sit on the normal chair though a high chair is still more convenient. As for her sleep, she naps once and sleeps at 9pm.

While I was out busy with the pageant activities, Hubby and Emma had great bonding time. Daddy taught Emma how to carry her small haversack and she now carry it without our help. He also taught her how to blow a whistle and she did it at my grand finals! Our best supporter!

They had their first father & daughter's date and watched Mickey Mouse show. I proud of the both of them - Hubby's first to bring her alone out (with Sister-in-law & his nephew/niece) and Emma's first to sit through the 1+ hr show. 

Emma also did Daddy proud by displaying discipline & self control at the playground. She looked out for Daddy to see if she is allowed to play at the playground but returned to Daddy's side when he said "no" to the crowded playground. 

One day, Emma did a super funny action - she held one hand into a fist and used the other to pull out her little finger after she said "cannot touch Emmalyn's things ok? Promise?". What a cute pinky promise! 

She is getting very independent. She wears her shoes herself and even helps us get out our shoes from the shoes cabinet. And, she also did a "horrible" thing by taking over one shelf of the shoe cabinets without my permission. She loves to bath herself - soap and shower! We aren't toilet training her yet but I realised that she is able to control her urine better and will let us know when she wants to do her business. 

She is really observant! She even commented "Papa cut hair" when she saw Daddy in his new hair cut. Hubby and I called each other "dear dear" and recently Emma learnt to call us that too.  Then she would burst into laughter when we call her Emmalyn dear dear. How funny! She jumps, dances and sings alot. After much practising of "we will get there" for my talent competition, Emma learnt how to sing part of the song as well. haha. 

The months of Nov and Dec are full of celebrations - we celebrated Emma's cousin Xara's, ah gong, grandma's birthday. We also attended my secondary school pal's, Yueting, wedding. Other than the celebrations, Emma had her first charity event and joined me at Dignity Kitchen. She also went for my talent contest and held the poster to cheer for me. 

After 10 weeks, the pageant is finally over and my life is slowly getting back to normal and order. I'm thankful for the journey and all who have supported me along the way! And finally a great news before I end my post, my Dad has accepted Christ on 6 Dec and both of my parents were baptised on 20 Dec at True Grace Presbyterian Church. Praise the Lord! 

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