Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bring out your confidence with D'Elegance

If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you do good - George St-Pierre

How much do you agree with this quote?

There are so much talk about loving your body, accepting your flaws and having self-confidence. People talk about being too fat or too thin, working towards a perfect body and chasing the societal norms. 

And what's your take about looking good and keeping in shape?

Before being a mother, I used to be a young girl who is a little obsessed about losing weight and didn't want to look big next to my hubby. In fact, I was close to overweight when I was in my early teens. I was 8 kg heavier than now. Looking back, I'm not exactly sure how I lost the kilos - perhaps dieting and cutting down on junk food. 

After delivery, 14.5 months of breastfeeding helped me lost all my weights and I was 2.5kg below pre-pregnancy when I weaned off. Now, I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight but I didn't regain my body shape and waistline. I'm generally happy with what I'm now. I learnt that one look more beautiful when she is confident and I'm working to be one confident lady. 

However, there are still occasions where I missed my old figure as I couldn't carry out outfits as well as before. I know a bulging tummy is unavoidable for me as I had given birth, hardly exercise and am always bound to my desk #excuses. Yet, I still feel a small hit on my confidence level when I see bulges with my favourite dresses on.

My Verdict on D'Elegance shapewears

When I tried on the body shapewears from D'Elegance, I found some hope in getting into fitted dresses. My greatest worry of bulging tummy was solved instantly! I lost 10cm at my abdomen area. How awesome is that! 

With the help of D'Elegance girdle, my tummy flattened in a blink. I can finally wear dresses without being too conscious. In fact, I feel so much more confident with a comfortably tucked tummy and slightly lifted butt. I don't need to worry about bulges when I squat or sit down anymore. After wearing the shapewear, this blue floral cotton cheongsam turns out a little loose at the waist and back area. 

After the pampering personal consultation, I'm so happy to bring back 6 pieces of shapewear to solve my tummy woes. 

Brasserie | Bodysuit | Long girdle | Seamless Panty | Waist slimmer | Short girdle

With these 6 pieces, I could mix and match them according to my outfit. My favourite combination would be the brasserie, short girdle and bodysuit. They shape up my body without much effort. Last Saturday, I run around outdoor in the set for half a day. They are comfortable and surprisingly aren't stuffy. On normal and lazy day, wearing just the short girdle works well for me as I'm always in shorts. The long girdle is good to be worn under knee length dresses. 

If you're worried about the difficulty to go toilet, fret not! There are buttons like baby rompers for the body suit and girdles to allow you to do your business without much hassle. It will take some time to get used to being "binded" and tight but you will get use to it soon, Some customers got so used to it that they can't live without it. The feeling of having jiggling fats on the body make them so much more uncomfortable. 

Bringing out your confidence with D'Elegance

If there's something that every woman must have apart from a good health and a beautiful heart, it's not the body size - it's a nice body shape, and that can be craved out with the help of these shapewears. One who is bigger in size can still look good with a curvy firm body! 

Over at D'Elegance, you can find solutions to breast shaping, back smoothing, tummy taming, hip smoothing, thigh shaping, waist shaping, posture improving and after childcare problems. 

Their well-designed shapewear helps to shift body fats back to their rightful position, supports and secures them in place to help women achieve a svelte figure instantly. They can also help to improve one's posture, bringing about both health & beauty benefits. 

Wouldn't it be great to have some help to shape up our body, build up our confidence and to be beautiful inside out? 

When all the body concerns are being addressed, women will naturally be more confident and focused to achieve more dreams. And for me, I'm happier too as I get to wear pretty dresses!

Readers' Promotion (Quote "Ashlyn Thia")

Just make an appointment to drop by for a personal consultation if you like to find out how you can tuck those jiggles too. D'Elegance is waiving off the $100 consultation fees for you who pop by this post. There's also a 5% discount on your first purchase.  

Special Promotion

From now to 29 Feb 2016, the brasserie (UP $318 for wincool series) and panties ($58 for wincool series) are going on a special 1-for-1 promotion. With the free personal consultation and special promotion, it's definitely a good chance to check them out. 

Come and uncover the secret to a stunning silhouette with D'Elegance today!

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