Sunday, January 31, 2016

Matching family outfits with Camouflage Kids!

I'm sure many of you'd have heard about Camouflage Kids. If not, you must have passed by one of their retail shop in the malls! 

They carry a wide selection of stylish streetwears apparel in miniature adult sizes - suitable for children from 0 to 8 years old.

Even before I became a mother, I was so attracted by their boys' clothes. I love those miniature colourful shirts that would make any boy look super smart.

I was so excited to see more pretty clothes for girls when I bumped in Camouflage Kids once again few months back. I don't remember seeing many girls' clothes - dresses and girly tops in the past. 

This chinese new year, they launched countless family sets and parent-child outfits!

I'm not sure if you have realised, I love matching outfits for our family. We usually get up in similar colour or safe colour combination. However, it it can be challenging at times and getting a family set is definitely an easy way out. 

Last sat, we were out shopping in this Denim collection and received so many attention and compliments. "Oh, she (Emma) is so cute!", "They're wearing the same outfits".... It's the first time, I heard so many (ok, I meant a few) comments about our outfits.

And Emma really loves to be in matchy outfits with us. She was beaming with joy as she said "yes" when I asked if she like to dress the same as me.

If you (or your hub) aren't a big fan of family outfits, you can try other ways to look good as a family!

I'm not the most adventurous stylist for my family. But, here's how I usually coordinate our family outfits for special days: 

1. All in the same design - eg. Denim collection or all in denim pants

2. All in the same colour but different design or shades or texture. eg. Daddy in light blue, Mummy in royal blue and Daughter in denim.

3. Work on a 2-coloured or 3-coloured combination for the family - white with a different colour always work well! eg. white, red and black, white, pink and red or white, blue and black

4. Consider stripes or prints for one along with the same colour shades and combination for the rest - eg. pink/white flowery cheongsam for child, white for Dad and solid pink for Mum. 

5 Get a set of parent-child outfit and the other parent wear another matchy/complimentary colour

6. Get 2 different sets of parent-child outfits for family of 4 or more. Eg. Daddy and Son is denim collection and white shorts with Mummy and Daughter in white peplum and shorts. 

7. Avoid too many prints - eg. Daddy in stripes, Mummy in floral and Daughter in big polko dots. #bigfailtome

 8. Avoid too many colours (I how some can match well with 6 colours top/bottoms and we do it sometimes too, but I just can't do it well!)

Matching family outfits can be really fun and exciting! And best of all, you get pretty and well coordinated family shots!

If you need more inspiration, head down to Camouflage Kids retail shops or website or instagram!

Camouflage Kids' Giveaway

And don't miss your last chance to win a denim collection. Camouflage Kids is giving away a set (a shirt for Daddy, dress for Mummy, two (shirt or dress) for the lil' ones) to a lucky family.

Simply follow the steps below:

2. Like and share their facebook post
3. Comment on their facebook post and tag 3 friends.

This contest will end on 3 February. 1 lucky winner will be picked at random and announced on 4 February on their Facebook page. 


Thank you for reading and I welcome you to link up on Facebook & Instagram! :D See you around!

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