Sunday, February 21, 2016

King Koil: Protect-A-Bed Waterproof mattress protectors

Potty training is going well for Emma! 

It has been close to 2 months since she started and she overcame her fear of using adult toilet for her small businesses. She still insist to poo in her diapers and would ask to put on one if she wasn't wearing any. However, she recently requested to go diaper-free in school. She still put on diapers for her nap in school and her bedtime at night but I think the days when she ask to sleep without diapers are drawing near. And that's means occasional bed wetting, more washing and waking up in the middle of the night to get her to toilet. 

When King Koil sent me their Protect-A-Bed: Therm-A-Sleep waterproof mattress protectors, I knew that they are going to be life saviour when Emma goes diaperless at night. We plan to get her a single bed in a couple of months' time and the protectors will definitely prevent her from staining the mattress. 

I know there's probably not much need for me to explain why one should get a protector for their bed, especially their children's, but here some "whys" you should get King Koil's Protect-A-Bed mattress protectors!

1. Miracle membrane

With its patented technology - miracle membrane, protectors are made to be waterproof, breathable, dust mite barrier, airborne allergen barrier, bed bug bite proof barrier. What more can we ask for? 

2. Waterproof

It uses moisture wicking techhnology that makes the protector water proof yet air vapor porous (breathable!). Thus, it protects the mattress from water spill, bedwetting (& bursting of waterbag in my case), drools and vomits that we parents are so familiar with! I ran the protectors under tap and the inner side was still dry! 

3. Act as a dustmite and bed bug bite proof barrier &
 inhibits bacteria and airborne allergen

It has patented BugLock® with SecureSeal® and three sided zipper system that keeps the yucky dustmites and bed bugs away from us. Emma has sensitive skins and sometimes wake up with some mysterious bites. So, I'm hoping her conditions will get better after we move her out of her cot and into well protected mattress. 

We all know how easily the bacteria and airborne allergen can land their feet on the mattress when it's stained and damp. With the protector, we can surely inhibits the breed of bacteria and airborne allergen. 

4. Create healthy and comfortable sleep zone

Even though it has a waterproof membrane, it doesn't make it any harder or uncomfortable. It's still soft, silky and comfortable to lie on! It definitely keep the mattress clean & healthy and protect the mattress longer. 

5. Reliable brand

Protect-A-Bed is a worldwide leader in mattress protection innovation and a brand that we can trust. It's selling in 30 countries for more than 30 years. It's used by hotel chains like Mandarin Oriental (worldwide), Fairomont (North America), Intercontinental Hotel Group and more.

Promotion & Discount Code
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Protect-A-Bed: Basic Model
Basic is 100% Polyester Surface

Mattress Protector:
Single: $29 per pc (U.P.: $55)
Super Single: $29 per pc (U.P.: $65)
Queen: $49 per pc (U.P.: $75)
King: $49 per pc (U.P.: $85)
Super King: $49 per pc (U.P.: $95)

Pillow Protector & Bolster Protector: Any 2 for $29
Protect-A-Bed: Therm A Sleep Model
Therm-A-Sleep is 100% Natural Thermo-Regulating Eucalyptus Fabric (Tencel). 

Mattress Protector:
Single: $39 per pc (U.P.: $69)
Super Single: $49 per pc (U.P.: $79)
Queen: $59 per pc (U.P.: $89)
King: $59 per pc (U.P.: $99)
Super King: $69 per pc (U.P.: $119)

Pillow Protector & Bolster Protector: Any 2 for $39 

* Free delivery for purchase above $120. 

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