Friday, February 26, 2016

MOSH! Sentosa + Giveaway

Have you heard of MOSH! ? 

MOSH! is a new interactive edutainment park located in the same building as Kidzania at Sentosa (5 mins away from Beach Station). 

It uses advanced, special tools and cutting-edge technology from Japan to bring out a world of imagination and innovation that aim to nurture and inspire our leaders of tomorrow

Before we began our little adventure to the Kingdom MOSH!, Emma was introduced to the King MOSH!, MOSH!cots and BAKU. We brought home this cute little book and Emma made me read it at least 10 times in the first few days. No jokes!

After the quick story telling, we entered the digital multi-media theme park. 

It wasn't exactly like what I'd imagined as I was expecting more of a indoor playground setting. Instead, it felt more like a cinema with many screens around and mini tables & chairs in the centre. At one glance, we can see all the 5 attractions co-existing in a giant space and each of the attractions have an unique theme - namely land, air, sea, space and fantasy.

1. Fantasy: World of Wonder
Mission: Colour your own MOSH!cot and introduced them to the rest of the MOSH! family.

Emma picked Momo (the only female Mosh!cot with long lashes) among all other colouring sheets to colour. 

With our combined effort, we managed to turn it into a rainbow Momo. We brought the coloured sheet under a scanner that intelligently scanned and cropped out Momo. 

The rainbow momo was then sent up to the projected screen and hopped around. 

After Emma completed her mission and spotted her momo on the screen, she moved on to the next station. 

2. Space: Firework Party
Mission: Set the world on fireworks using body movements

Emma usually took a while to warm up when she reach a new environment so she wasn't ready to jump and move her hands to set the fireworks. 

However, she went back check them out after she finished all the 5 stations. I believe this station will be fun for active kids who love to jump around. 

3. SEA: Doodle Aquarium (Emma's favourite)
Mission: Draw and fill up the aquarium with beautiful marine creatures. 

There is just something magical that the children love about the aquarium. Don't you think so too? Emma loves this Doodle Aquarium!

There were table light, crayons and cards for drawing. Since Emma didn't know how to draw well, we helped her with some creatures - rabbit fish and shining star by me & salted fish by Daddy. 

I also drew and send Emma into the aquarium. She was so happy with my drawing!

Like the first attraction, there was a scanner (but in a table form) that scanned and neatly cropped out the drawings. The system then sent the drawings up to the aquarium.

Can you spot Emmalyn in the aquarium? 

The children are really fascinated to see their drawings up the aquarium as they kept going back to the scanner. The system is able to scan multiple drawings at the same time. So, the children don't have to fight with each other.

This attraction isn't just fun, it actually encouraged Emma and the other children to be more creative and draw. We saw many other nicely coloured drawings too, it's really a nice place to stir up children's interest to draw.

She refused my help (moved away from my table to other to draw by herself) and was inspired to doodle her own drawings.

Here's her "happy face" that she drew at her own corner.

It looked good in the aquarium though it looks more like a skeleton head. We're so proud of her!

On the side note, they have really nice crayons from Japan. We got a box of crayons and Emma uses them everyday!

4. Land: Hide & Seek
Mission: Find the little MOSH!cots and BAKU

The Hide & Seek attraction is made up of an interactive table that senses body movement. 

Little MOSH!cots and Baku would escape from the puff of smoke. We then have to use our hands to tap on them to hide them again. 

It looks like a digital version of the arcade "Mole buster" game. I thought this would be fun with more children playing (hitting) at the table.

5. Air: Paper Plane Adventure
Mission: Create and fly your paper fly. See them come to live. 

Instead of flying them from a distance, Emma only managed to tap the plane at the wall to bring out the digital planes. 

This didn't entertain Emma for long as her heart was with the aquarium but I saw some older children hanging around there for quite a long while. 

Visitors' Information

MOSH! opens daily from 10am to 9pm. The admission ticket costs $28 per adult and $22 per child. There is a family bundle at $48 includes entry for 1 Adult and 1 Child (valid to Dec 2016) and mastercard holders get 10% off for each family bundle. *terms and conditions applies.

My Verdict

We lost track of our time and had to drag Emma out from MOSH! when we wanted to leave. I think we spent close to 2 hours in there. 

Emma enjoyed herself and love the doodle aquarium! However, it would be a lot more fun if Emma were a bit older (perhaps above 3+) as she couldn't fully appreciate every activities now. Anyhow, I strongly believe in exposing Emma with various experiences and let her explore and learn at her own pace. MOSH! seems to be pretty successful in harnessing her creativity. She has once again proves us that it's never too young to imagine and draw! 

I must say we experienced a different type of fun over at MOSH! It's isn't those jumping and climbing kind of fun. It's more of the stimulating of the little brains that doubt spurred imagination and innovation. Besides, the crew are friendly, engaging and fun loving! 

I personally think that it will be more fun with more children around as they get to learn and imitate each other. However, Hubby thinks that it's better to visit when it's still new so the children have all the space to themselves. I guess both have their pros & cons.

As for the admission tickets, I wouldn't mind paying $22 to open up Emma's little brains and eyes but honestly, I find it hard to swallow to pay $56 for hubby & me to enter.

I know it's might be a pinch to the pockets to some and however, it shouldn't stop you and your family to explore and immerse in the wonders of technology! You might be grooming the next innovators!

  (running from 26 Feb to 3 Mar) 

MOSH! is giving away 2 sets of tickets (worth $100 each) to 2 lucky families (2 adults & 2 children). 

Don't miss the fun! Simply complete the following steps to participate in the giveaway: 

3. Leave a comment sharing why you like to visit MOSH! & tag 3 friends at Facebook blog post here.

- Winners must be in Singapore to receive the giveaway

- 2 Winners will be selected by 4 Mar

Winners will be contacted by Ashlyn Thia via Facebook messenger

- This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook
- MOSH! reserved the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.
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  1. Yipee! My 3 kids loves doodling at home but on my furnitures and walls they love to see their artwork and admire it everywhere. Phew! Finally Mosh will be the most ideal place to let their creativity flows and they will be able to see their artwork digitially which kids loves it most. Thank you Ashlyn Thia for this giveaway.

  2. My 3yo boy is definitely going to be fascinated by the imaginary, creativity, interactive and colourful world of MOSH! as he loves to doodle and explore new things around him. It is a great place for him to do hands-on on all the activities to unleash his creativity and satisfying his curious mind. I believe my 9mths old boy will also be drawn to the innovative colourful world.=)

  3. I love bring my three sons around to explore and this new interactive indoor playground is going to be a hit with my boys and me! I can relax and chill while they explore. Am guessing they will be fascinated with the doodle wall!

  4. My girl loves to draw and I am sure she will be fascinated to see the doodle wall! We always love to bring her around to explore different indoor playground. This one definitely is a unique one which she will be able to enjoy and learn at the same time.

  5. I'm sure my two kids would love to visit MOSH. It's a pretty interesting and entertaining new indoor place to hang out at.

  6. Love the picture u drew of Emma! So cute and so like her! :)

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  8. Hi,

    Both my children loves to doodle. It has been quite a while since our last family outing ever since I started my chemotherapy treatment. Now that the treatment is ending soon, I would love to bring my kids to MOSH!

    Thanks for the giveaway.