Monday, March 21, 2016

Emma: 2 years + 7 months

Inquisitive, Imaginative and Irresistible!

Emma's at such a fun and enjoyable age now. She's always full of energy and actions. Her minds are bursting with ideas and can't wait to explore the world. She questions all she wants and never give up until she gets a satisfactory answer. That's include some rolling and tears but it's all manageable and we know it's all part of learning.

These days, she enjoys doing art crafts like cutting, pasting and painting. Her other favourites include reading, bubbles and water play. I realised she doesn't play much with her toys apart from her soft toys and cooking toys. Her teachers also shared that she moves on from toys to toys quickly. It seems like she has short attention span but she could easily play up to 30 mins on craft and water activities. A perfect weekends night would be spent on painting and reading. Oh well we shall see, I guess her interest isn't on toys but rather on more sensory activities.

She loves music, songs and dance. I'm really thankful that her school focuses a lot on that as she always come home with new songs and actions. She even picked up songs from other older kids who are practising from their own performance.

She's picking up words very quickly and talking like a big girl. So fast that I actually lost track of the new learnt words. It's so fun talking to her these days! She's also able to pray by herself - but it's always the same before meal grace prayer. She prayed the same thing even for her bedtime. Haha

It's was a quiet month but we managed to drop by MOSH! to check out the new edutainment centre. As usual, we spent our weekends with our families.

We are slowly exposing her to outside food but she isn't a big fan. She prefers home cooked chinese style meals with soup! She loves milk, fruits (Apple, banana, grapes, papaya) and raisins!

I'm thankful for this sensible girl and she really makes my bad days look better. She even helped to dry my tears and stood by my side quietly when I burst out in tears.

 Meantime, we are looking forward to our Hong Kong trip! I don't know how we are going to survive all the walking and such but we're just going to make the best out of it!

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