Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Explore the world with Little Passports + Giveaway

We've a young globetrotter in making! 

Emma has unlocked Gold Coast, Bali & Bintan and we will be traveling to Hong Kong next month! It'll probably take many long years before we can conquer the world, but nothing is going to stop her (us) from exploring the world now and I mean right now.

Look, Emma's all set to check out the world with her bright orange Little Passports suitcase!

Little Passports

Little Passports aims to inspire children to learn about the world with its monthly subscription packages. They handpicked fun and engaging items to provide discovery and adventure to children aged 3-12. There are 3 different adventures catered for 3 age groups - Early Explorers (Ages 3-5), World Edition (Ages 6-10) and USA Edition (Ages 7-12).

Fun for Emma

Like the founders of Little Passports, I believe in providing opportunities for Emma to learn while inspiring imagination. At 2.5 years old, Emma is always bursting with energy and curious about everything. She learns alot through experience and observation. She likes to get out of the house as she get to check things out. So, we try to bring her out to interesting places on weekends when we can. 

When she is back home, she likes to read, do art crafts (painting, cutting & doodling) and explore the cabinets. She loves to watch youtube videos but she only gets to watch the TV over the weekends. While she is mostly engaged, there are times when she is bored of doing the same thing or simply fussy. Hence, having a box full of activities is certainly a great way to keep her busy brain and mind occupied when we run out of ideas.

What can you expect?

For the first month, Emma received her traveler kit. This starter kit includes a fun orange suitcase, wall-sized world map, 20-page activity booklet, luggage tag, stickers and photos. 

The second month, she received a 20-page activity booklets, landmark figurines (fun souvenirs), flashlight adventures, trading cards, letters, photos, stickers and luggage tags. She also received a Toby plush toy that can be ordered separately from the standard subscription. 

The theme for her second month was landmarks and a new theme is explored each month along with a set of the above. 

Emma was so excited to get her very first mini suitcase and flipped through all the stuff. She is crazy over stickers and was so happy to see many of them. She then became very serious working through all the various activities. 

Under my guidance, she managed to paste the passport stickers in the right spots and learn about the various continents.

She continued on with the activity book and matched the vehicles with the right route. 

More stickers! 

She was busy pasting the stickers on her suitcase. She loves the map but she treat it as a mat. Haha, the map is made of good and thick material so it's still in good shape till now. 

More fun came in at the second month. There were trading cards of different landmarks.

They come along with matching figurines like Great wall of Chin and Eiffel Tower. Aren't they cute? I saw that there are also other fun souvenirs like purse or fishing toys in other theme.

She then pasted small stickers of the landmarks on the world map and now could drop off the figurines on the right spot on the map!

There is also a flashlight adventure where she slot in a "flashlight" to spot different landmarks. I find this really creative. Emma managed to spot her friends and the landmarks!

Our reviews

We hardly buy toys for Emma so she loves to receive new items from Little Passports every month. I doubt she can fully appreciate them all but don't underestimate their learning. She is already picking up words like Antarctica, Africa, Asia and Taj Mahal. They are really opening up her mind. How amazing! 

It's great that these stuff can be kept and we can go through them over and over again. We usually spend 10-20 mins on this each time and play with it once a while. I believe it will occupy her for a longer amount of time as she gets older. 

Hubby thinks it's a good way to learn about the world. He had no problem with the world map as he played all sort of games like civilisation while I'm really lousy at geography. Thus, he thinks that it's probably enriching for me as well. 

To me, I think it's helpful for Hubby who finds it hard to entertain Emma at times. So now, he can just open up the suitcase and start his geography lesson with Emma in a fun way. I love that the items are of good quality and firm enough to be handled by the little but rough fingers.

I personally also think that a 3 month subscription would work out to be a perfect birthday gift for any child.

How does it work?

1. Choose an adventure and subscription plan

Take your pick from Early Explorers (Ages 3-5), World Edition (Ages 6-10) and USA Edition (Ages 7-12) and the different subscription plans - monthly, 6 month or 12 month subscription. 

** For monthly subscription, you can get Early Explorers at SGD30 per month (USD15.95 + USD 5.50 shipping = USD21.45). While, World Edition and USA Edition are going at SGD25.90 (USD$12.95 + USD5.50 shipping = $18.45). The cost of the monthly subscription and shipping gets lower when you subscribe to more months. Check out their FAQs for more details.

2. Check your mailbox 

Everything apart from the first box (luggage) will fit nicely in your mailbox. The suitcase came in via courier. So, just wait for them each month!

3. Discover and learn

Have fun with the fun packages and learn!

(Running from 2 Mar to 9 Mar) 

Finally, I'm excited to share that Little Passports is giving away a free 3 month subscription of your choice (worth up to $90)! 

Simply complete the steps below to participate in the giveaway.
1. Like Ashlyn Thia's Facebook page
3. Leave a comment sharing what you love about Little Passports at Facebook blog post here.
4. Share the post with caption "XX (your child(ren)'s name) want(s) to travel the world with Little Passports!"

- Winner will be selected by 10 Mar
Winners will be contacted by Ashlyn Thia via Facebook messenger
- This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook
- Little Passports reserved the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

And, I realised adventures are the best way learn! 


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  1. hi, i was posting on the fb post to take part in the contest of passport asia and at the end of it, the fb post got deleted. Anything wrong ?

    1. Sorry about it. The Fb post is up, you can leave your comment now!

  2. I love little passports because it teaches little ones more about the world, and brings them in different adventures round the world each month�� I hope my little ones will grow in their interest of the world and glean more lessons thru little passports!��

  3. Your little Emma is ready to explore and wander around the world. Who says parents with kids can't travel? This is a proof that all are possible. :)

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  5. My little one is at the age where he gets curious with the surrounding and start asking questions. Little passport has activities not only for kids but it serve as a bonding time for parents and child. :) As he gets older, we can get the world edition and hopefully bring along as we travel. :)

  6. My little one is at the age where he gets curious with the surrounding and start asking questions. Little passport has activities not only for kids but it serve as a bonding time for parents and child. :) As he gets older, we can get the world edition and hopefully bring along as we travel. :)