Monday, April 25, 2016

A birthday letter to myself

Dear Ashlyn

Happy 29th birthday to you! 

I wish to be like many of your sweet friends saying that you're a super mum or mum-spiration but the truth needs to be told, you aren't not. 

Just hours ago, you got so upset with your daughter just because she has refused to eat vegetables for the nth times over the past few weeks. Hubby wasn't spared, he succeeded to coax Emma to finish a full bowl of kway tiao but still have to bath Emma and hang the clothes. Your sneezey nose and itchy throat have made you exceptionally cranky. Or perhaps, you're just getting more emotional these days. Your 2 precious had to throw themselves all over you to cheer you up.

You're still one mummy who gets helpless, tired, nag and upset over some motherhood woes; one who struggle to balance between family and work; and one who is building yourself who learning how to be a better mum. 

Most people don't know, but you get lost from time to time. 

However, I know that nothing is going to stop you from loving Emma & Thomas and becoming a better mum & wife. God is with you and will grant you love, strength and wisdom to walk through all. You have supportive family members and friends to spur you on.

On your birthday, I wish you nothing but greater faith and a thankful & joyful heart in the coming year. Press on, do your best and let God do the rest and someday, you will reap your rewards in heaven.

The most precious jewels you'll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children. 
You've received yours.

Have a blessed birthday! 

With love, 

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