Monday, April 4, 2016

Be strong inside and experience more with Friso: LockNutriLaunch & Friso Powered-On Car

Emma was out for another adventure again! She participated in her first road race organised by Friso at NTUC Xtra @ Kallang Wave Mall last Saturday.

She fell in love in mini motorised cars after she tried one at her cousin place last Dec and keeps thinking about it. So, we decided to bring her out for a spin.

  Before the actual race, she had a test drive. She managed to ride a short distance but kept on steering to the side and braking. I knew she is definitely no match to the older brothers and sisters, but we went ahead to register for the race anyway. 

After the test drive, we had to heartlessly pull Emma away from the car and went on check out some fringe activities!

Photobooth, games and Frisbee colouring!

Isn't cool to have a personalised Frisbee?

At last, the race started. 3 by 3, the racers hit the tracks.

All the while, Emma was patiently waiting for her turn by the side.

It's finally her turn and she hopped (with assistance) on the ride. She did a 18 point check before gearing up.

Slow and steady, she finished her race with me by her side. She took longer time than the test drive and was the last to reach the finishing line but we are so proud of her.

There was quite a crowd and she seems a little anxious. But, she didn't back out even when the other 2 racers were done and out. At the call of the Emcee, the crowd cheered for her. At that time, I was so worried that she would burst in tears of shock but she didn't. Phew! Instead, she was very calm and composed. She continued to ride on. finished off the race with a hi-5 with the Emcee.

After the race, we ended off with LockNutri launch, prize giving, lucky draw and lunch reception.Thank you Friso for the generous prize and a wonderful fun learning experience for Emma!

Friso's LockNutri

Friso's LockNutri Process Technology enables protein in formula to be persevered in their natural form, so that it can be readily absorbed by our child. To avoid proteins being damaged from overheating which result in protein indigestion and general stomach discomfort, this technology uses mild heat treatment during the formula production that the proteins are persevered closer to their native structures. With that, nutrient can then be effectively absorbed by the body. Read more over on their website.

Friso Powered-On Car & Free Photoshoot Promotion

From 1 April to 31 May, shoppers can drive away a Friso Powered-On Car (worth $369) with every $380 purchase of Friso participating products at Friso Online, Fairprice, Cold Storage, Market Place, Giant, Sheng Siong, Prime Supermarket, Mustafa, Guardian, Redmart and beautiful me.  

The cars are available in blue and red! We love the red one!

There is also a free outdoor photo shoot by Firefly photography with the first purchase on Friso Online.  

Read on to find out more details

Don't forget to follow them on their facebook and instagram for more promotions, contests & events!

Be strong inside and experience more with Friso!

The best way for a child to learn is through experience. Don't be afraid to let your little ones fail - it not only builds inner strength, but success is sweeter when it comes with effort - Friso.

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