Thursday, April 28, 2016

Emma: 2 years + 8 months

If you think that being a great parent requires a limitless amount patience, you are wrong. You need more than that. 

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These days are filled with a little more tears and whines as Emma has been trying to assert her power whenever she can. She's speaking pretty well and loves to have conversations but she can become very cranky when she can't get what she wants. It gets worse if she didn't nap or sleep well.

Daddy is the firm one while I'm the softer one so I get bullied by Emma more often than him. After a while, I learnt that patience isn't the only thing we need in parenting. We need to make our stand firm so that the little ones understand our take and won't be confused when we disagree with them. Oh well, that's learning for both Emma and me! 

Pink dress from @genkidsg

I realised Emma is picking words and songs very fast. We taught the children at church the Lord's prayer (in Chinese). Then, she rumbled out the chinese words one fine sunday and she mastered half of the Lord's prayer within the next few days. We still start learning the other half soon. Then another day, she came back home singing "This is the day!" and brightened up my day. Hope to cultivate a good learning in her while she's absorbing so fast.

We had some chicken essences boxes and did a giraffe together for the school. During the Easter period, we also attempted to paint eggs. However, they didn't turn out pretty. But we let our creativity juices flow anyway!

Pink dress from @genkidsg

Emma started eating outside food but she is still not a big fan of them. So far, chweeh kueh, noodles soup and char siew rice works best. Totally not a foodie! However, she loves her fruits alot! Hopefully, she will enjoy more food as she grows up.

Pink dress from @genkidsg

Last month, Emma had a great time at Amazonia and loves the exciting slide. She also competed in a Friso car race but she's still not good at it. We also went for a Bus carnival @ Vivocity and attended her school's family (& Water) Day . She made a new friend - Water Wally and always call out Water Wally whenever she spot one after that event. 

Pink dress from @genkidsg

Things are picking for me though there are still lots of parenting/discipline skill to master.

You might have seen, I had a hair cut and am now sporting a short bob. It's growing long fast and I'm pondering whether to keep it or grow it out. Having this dilemma for the longest time!

By the way, we will be busy with Emma's room revamp next few weeks. So, stay tune for her new room! 

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