Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fish & Co.'s promotion - Mothers' Day 2016 Deluxe Seafood Platter

Soup (Broth) is alot like a family. Each ingredient enhances the other; each batch has its own characteristics; and it needs time to simmer to reach full flavor - Marge Kennedy


It has been a while since we dine at Fish & Co. So, when the invite from Fish & Co came in my mailbox on my birthday itself, we decided to drop by. I quickly set ourselves down for dinner @ Glass House that evening at 7pm.

We had the Mother's Day Deluxe Platter and a kid's meal on the house! Thanks Fish & Co. for the birthday and Mother's Day treat :)

Fish & Co.'s Mother's Day Deluxe Platter features luxurious seafood in chili cream mushroom sauce, along with beef bacon, chicken chorizo and assorted vegetables. Sounds so yummy!

We were pleasantly shocked by the huge pot of seafood when it arrived on my table. Hubby and I looked at each other and wondered if we could finish it all. In fact, we didn't know what to expect as it didn't give out a overpowering aroma like its "grilled sibling".

At the first look, it seems to be just a platter full of prawns, mussels, scallop and fish!

Little did we know that the secret actually lies in its sauce!

I picked up my first "juicy" mussels and can't stop! Am super glad that Hubby don't eat mussels so I had all to myself!

The seafood was exceptionally tasty with the sauce!

After the first mouth, both of us reached out for the menu again to register what we had just ate. It's more herb-y than spicy. Husband don't take chili well but it wasn't spicy for him. It's a broth pot so that seafood was actually cooked and simmered with the pot of sauce. Thus, all the goodness of the seafood actually seeped into the chili cream sauce!

I love all the mussels, prawn and scallop. But, thought the fish would taste better if it was grilled. The chorizo (sausage) tasted so great that we can to fight and fish for them in the sauce. We were surprised to clean up the entire pot.

The platter came with its signature Paella rice. This has always been my favourite! But, you guessed it, we couldn't finish the rice as the seafood was so filling. I should have packed the leftover rice back home!

Finally came the moment that Emma (I) had been long waiting for.

After a birthday song, she blew off the candle at the very next moment. I totally lost the chance to blow any candle after last year birthday.

Emma was super happy as she gets to eat ice cream!

 It was a joy spending my birthday with my 2 precious and Fish & Co at the Glasshouse. In all honesty, it was our most delicious meal at Fish & Co. so far! 

This Deluxe platters at $59.95++ for 2 pax and $111.95++ for 4 pax are available at all outlets except Vivocity, Waterway Point and East Coast till 8 May 2016. 

Mums in the (Glass) House

There is also a "Mums in the (Glass) House dinner event held on 8 May 2016, from 5.45pm to 8pm at Glass House @ Park Mall.

At $130 nett for 4 pax, you can get Mother's Day Deluxe Platter for 2, Best Fish & Chips, Cripsy white baits, Grilled Calamari, Shrimp and Clams Aglio Olio and 4 Soft Drinks & 2 Hot Fudge cakes.

Sign up for this exclusive event at any Fish & Co. outlets or drop an email to marketing@fish-co.com to reserve a table. Do ask about the promotion for fish & co members, DBS/POSB cardholders and mothers' day photo/video contest/discount for $10 off and vouchers. Do note that prior payment needs to be made.

Walk-ins are allowed on 8 May but diners are not entitled to the cruise draw and the platters will be at the standard pricing. 

Bring your family out on a Cruise!

For those who sign up, you will also stand a chance to win a 4-Night cruise vacation with Coasta Cruise and CTC Travel! A total of 3 families will each win a cruise vacation of 4 pax worth $4,316! Winners will be announced on Fish & Co.'s official Facebook page on 13th May 2016. 


As many would have known, we will be bidding farewell to Glasshouse soon. So, drop by for the last time or if you haven't been there, for the first time. It's a pretty romantic place!

Thank you Fish & Co. and Glasshouse for the yummylicious dinner and happy moments!

Happy Mothers' Day to all!

For more information, do check out their website, facebook and instagram!


  1. It's so sad that the iconic glass house will be closing soon. Your large bowl of seafood looks shiok leh and I can see you really love mussels a lot! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Happy belated Birthday! That Paella looks so good (fan here too), and you're looking gorgeous too! <3

  3. I LOVE the sauce in their seafood pots!! So yummy... Next time we go and eat together. I love mussels! That set of 4 looks like it can feed 6 people.

  4. We love their seafood platter, always something for someone, and the fragrant rice :) Calamari is my favourite.

    cheers, Andy

  5. Nice place, nice occasion, nice food and nice company = beautiful memories!!

  6. Oooooooo The nostalgic Glass House! Oh my.. Happy Mother's Birth-Day! What a sweet picture of you and Emma back there.

  7. Awwwww, I love Emma's little face after blowing out her candles! She's such a cutie.

  8. Oooh, I love Fish & Co Seafood platter too! Especially the paella rice topped with lots of chopped garlic. Had wanted to visit the Glass House during the Mother's Day period but the kids had exams so we missed it.

  9. We frequent this Fish & Co. outlet too, even more so since my boy started on outside food..they've been quite accommodating to cater to our special request of no salt / MSG for his order of fish ;)