Thursday, May 19, 2016

Emma: 2 year + 9 months

We'd a pretty happening month and the highlight got to be our Hong Kong trip! 

It was a birthday trip for me but felt so much like one for Emma. Haha. No, I'm not complaining. I'm happy as long as the family is. Anyway, we had a simple & yummy celebration on my actual birthday. It was such a fun trip and I'm still missing Disneyland, Ocean Park and all the yummy food. Let me try to work harder to get some travel posts up! 

Besides a celebration for my birthday, we also had Mothers' Day celebrations for my mother, mother-in-law and myself. I also won a $300 vouchers from a Tung Lok's Instagram contest and planning to use it for our Father's Day celebration with the family! 

Lucky me! I hardly win another contest so I'm so happy to win this prize following a prize (Hello Kitty Ez-link cards set) from LTA. 

Last month, Emma owned her first car! It was a Friso powered on car. We couldn't bring her out to play with it often but she still loves to sit on it with her plush toys and pretend she's riding one every other day.

These days, she enjoys role-playing and her favourite role is teacher. It's funny to see how she teaches the students (Daddy and Mummy). It looks exactly like how it would happen in a class. She brought her teaching materials (story book and sticker book) to her chair and placed it underneath them asked us to sit on the floor facing her. She will usually start of with a song, follow by a story and reward us with stickers. 

She also "took up the challenge" and could memorise the full Lord's Prayer with some missing words. I seriously don't know how the children could pick up so fast. 

Her other favourite is waterplay! Give her a tub of water, and she will happily play for 20 mins anytime. We visited the new indoor playground, Splash @ Punggol Safra. Emma had a splashing great time!

After a pink of health for the past few months, she had been having some mild cough on and off. We believe the roasted goose at Hong Kong was the start of it as she had too much of the skin. She is much better now. 

While I still prefer to let her eat home cooked food and cooked her dinners everyday (skipping some weekends), I thought it would be good for her to accept outside food. She is getting better at outside food and enjoys zichar food and noodles

We got Emma's room painted 2 weeks back and her furniture will be in this Sun. I had so much fun planning and doing up her room. 

A new princess room shall be her 3rd year birthday present. 3 more months to her terrific 3! Yay~! Aren't she growing up so fast! 

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