Thursday, May 19, 2016

Nippon Paint X Actual Paint Day

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Life is a great big canvas, throw all the paint on it you can! - Danny Kaye

Finally came the long awaited paint day!

1. Getting ready

Early that morning, we sent Emma to her grandparents' place so that we can get the paint work done in peace. We then spent the next 30 mins or so to clear the furniture tops to make things easier for the painters. 

2. Arrival

9.30 am: There came the Nippon Paint guys with their tools - ladder, pails, paint, brushes, mats and more!

Since we were painting a room, we needed just one painter. He was accompanied by the driver uncle who helped him when needed.

3. Shifting of furniture

After an uniform change, the painter and uncle started to shift our furniture. The smaller furniture was moved out to the living room while the bigger ones were moved to the middle of the room. 

I was pretty impressed that the painter actually wore an uniform. It really gave a very professional impression.

He also helped to remove the window blind. 

4. Dusting and Protection of furniture and floor

Next, he used a cloth to dust the wall and switches before using tapes and plastic sheets to protect the furniture and floor. 

He got all corners covered. 

Everything was nicely covered up. 

5. Getting the paint ready

We double checked on the paint colours before he prepared the paint. It's pretty amazing that the ordor-less paint no longer smelt as bad as the normal paint!

We went for Blusher (Pink) on the accent wall, Lilac White on the 3 other pieces of wall and White for the ceiling.

6. Paint

He started with the ceiling first. 

Followed by the pink wall then white. 

The first coat of paint was up by noon!

After a quick lunch, he continued with the 2nd coat of paint. The paint was done by 1.30 pm! 

7. Clearing and re-installation of furniture

After clearing and cleaning of the protection sheets and tools, they quickly helped to move back our furniture. The paint dried up pretty fast.

8. Enjoy!

And it was done at 2.30 pm! What a wrap! 

After they left, we moved back of the stuff and took lots of photos.

Here's the accent wall in blusher. I planned to decorate it with white small decals after we get in the new furniture. 

It turned out that the lilac wall is a good match as it reflects out a nice shade of light pink.

It took about 5 hours for everything to be done. Both Hubby and I were impressed as we expected it to be much longer. The entire painting process was smooth and there wasn't any hiccup. The only hassle was to clear the furniture tops and set them up again. Other than that, it was pretty fuss free. Hubby and I just spent our time chatting while the painter did his work. 

The painter doesn't only look professional, he is really good. I checked through the paintwork and it was perfect! I can't imagine doing the paint by ourselves. We will surely take much more effort and time. 

In the evening, Emma came home to the surprise and she loves it! Thank you Nippon Paint for the great work!

She was shocked to see her room in a new layout but smiled with bewilderment when she spotted the pink wall. 

Her room was by the corridor so we couldn't air the room throughout the night. So, we kept her in our room for 2 nights before she got to enjoy her little princess room. 

She's satisfied with her room but we'll be spicing up her room a little more after the delivery of the new furniture this Sunday! Wish she would love it even more! 

Can't wait! 

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