Wednesday, May 25, 2016

IKEA Hack: 10 ways to DIY makeover IKEA LATT children's table set

I'm deeply amazed and inspired by the number of brilliant ideas to makeover IKEA LATT children's table set! As much I would love to try them all, I decided on a monochrome theme to match our living hall and used 3 main materials - paint, fabric and acrylic sheet. 

Click here for more photos and how-to.

The rest of the ideas are too inspiring not to be shared. So, be ready for a couple of 10-15 mins quick fix, many more patience testing craft work as well as an impressive skillful modification!

10 ideas/materials you can toy around with:

1. Paint

The old school and trusty way to spruce up an old furniture! I love the gold tip-dipped legs and stripped seats.

2. Wall Decals

How does a polka dot table sounds? Even though I couldn't find a table that is decorated with the mini wall decals. I still think it's a good and quick idea for makeover!

These mini patterns decals, that comes in shapes of dots, clouds, triangle and cross, can add life to the solid coloured table sets or any furniture. You can try decorating part of the table (eg. just the legs) and leave some "white space" so that it won't be too overpowering. I would love to try it someday!

3. Wall paper

Instead of wrapping the entire table and chairs, it would be better to just add the wall paper to the flat surface like table or chair top. This way, there won't be any pointed edges like mine.

You can also wrap it (or using washi tapes) around the legs and make it like a paint-tipped legs!

by The Sweetest Digs

4. Plexiglass

A plexiglass (or acrylic sheet) makes the table more classy and stain-free. You can display your favourite photos, patterned paper, cut-outs on the table top and underneath a plexiglass or simply leave it as it is. 

5. Chalkboard paint

Apply layers of chalkboard paint and turn the table into a chalk table! If you dread the all round mess, covering it with a piece of plexiglass like above seems a pretty good idea. 

6. Socks

Isn't this a cute idea! Don't throw your children's favourite outgrown socks. The red and pink ones are striking pretty!

7. Fabric

Fabric creates a cosy and comfortable feel. Apply it with a layer of fabric protector (Eg. Scotchguard) to make it water resistant!

8. Lego building plate

A dream table for the Lego fans! 

9. Yarn

Who would have thought to use yarn to wrap a table set? It got to be the most unique LATT chair I've seen.

by One More Mushroom (via Pinterest

10. Light

All hands up to this light table! I've an impression that light table like those in creative play centre is expensive and difficult to get hold (or at least for me, I couldn't find one on sale).

Let your creativity flows!

Aren't these lovely. Do share with me if you have more ideas! And happy DIY-ing!


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  1. So many neat ideas! I like the lego and socks ideas most!

  2. For a non-crafty person like myself, the socks idea appeals the most! Yours looks very minimalist and probably fits best with our interior too. Thanks for sharing.

    Michelle @ The Chill Mom

  3. I like the socks one too. Simple enough for me. Lol. Way to go for you on emmalyn table. Simple but nice.

  4. OH my! The socked legs are too cute!

  5. We have a set at home too and it stays the same ol' wood colour! All these DIY sounds splendid. I just need some alone time to paint!

  6. saw alot of creative ideas to makeover ikea furniture. really like the new look and thought they are very cool.

  7. Those socks so cute. I loved these DIY ideas.

  8. I'm not so good in DIY stuffs, will definitely try out the socks idea. :)
    Ling Ling - Katongkidsinc

  9. I like the last idea best - turning it into a light table. Thanks for sharing!