Sunday, May 8, 2016

Indoor Water Playground: Splash @ Kidz Amaze (Safra Punggol)

"Oh yay! Time for water play!!"

It was an enjoyable and fun time at Splash @ Kidz Amaze (Safra Punggol) last Sat! Emma had a splashing great time with cute Laurent!

Splash @ Kidz Amaze is Singapore first indoor water playground that is specially built for children aged 18 months and 13 years of age. There are multiple play decks, five slides, a themed splash pad and 3 party rooms. 

Are you ready for the enchanting deep sea?!

1. Themed splash pad

We started off with the splash pad, the first water play area right after the entrance. 

While Emma and I usually takes some time to warm up at the pools, it didn't take long for us in this splash pad. 

We were splashing each other in no time!

Instead of crying and whining, she quickly learnt the art of wiping the water off her face.

I'm surprised that she was tuned into the fun at such short time. I think the room temperature water makes a real huge difference for her (and me!)

As we walked further into the pool, Laurent and her were all drenched by the splashing and spraying water. The pool is of great depth and both of them could walk in the water without fear. Besides, the pool floor is slightly textured so it wasn't slippery to walk on. 

It was pretty interactive at the splash pad as there were some features for spraying water "gun", spinning decks and bridge. 

By the side of the splash pad, you can find an interactive wall where ripples were created upon touch. We didn't tried it as it was more fun to be in the water anyway.

2. Water Playground

Next up, we hit the water playground. 

It was basically pouring up on the playground. Can you spot the giant water bucket at the top?

There are a total of 5 slides - 2 swirling high ones, 1 medium (in green), 1 small slides (the double slides in blue) and a mini bridge/baby slide at the splash pad. 

With the textured footing, it wasn't slippery to swift up the playground apart. However, it gets a little slippery at the green slide as there are lots of water pouring at that spot. There were also crew (those in yellow tees) to ensure safe sliding. 

The 2 swirling ones look daunting but they are actually pretty mild - it wasn't scary but just dark. I'm not sure if I'm too heavy, I actually got stuck halfway down the slide.

Emma challenged the medium and the small slides! 

Oops, too much splashing and seeing double? Haha, I just need to crop myself away as I didn't want to scare anyone with my drenched look. 

She totally enjoyed the small slide!

The little ones have enough water pouring down on them and took a break from the water playground. 

They played London Bridge for a short while before they decided to have a water fight!


It was a pure joy to watch them play!

By the end of the play, Emma was pretty confident in getting her way around so we got our chance to take a couple shot!

After the sun set, it got pretty enchanting and less crowded. 

3. Party Rooms

There were 3 beautifully decorated party rooms around the splash pad. Looks like an awesome place to hold birthday parties!

You can find more details on the party rooms booking here.

4. Facilities

After close to 2 hours of play, we finally dragged the kids out of the water for showers.

The toilets/shower areas were clean and spacious. I was pretty fascinated with the child friendly duo-doors and they have kids toilet bowls which Emma loves. Haha!

The best things of all would be the heated rain shower (and soap dispenser)! I had a hard time getting Emma to stop showering. I feel that the number of shower rooms are much lesser as compared to the public pools. We had to wait for about 5-10 mins so it wasn't that bad.

Electronic lockers can be found in the toilets and I think it was pretty pricey - $4 and $6 for medium and large sized lockers. The old school lockers usually cost $1 or $2 if I remembered correctly. 

Admission Rates

Here's the rates:

The play hours during weekends are separated into 4-hour blocks (10am, 2pm and 5pm), with a maximum of 400 pax each session. Registration starts at 9.30am, on a first-come-first serve basis. 

Our Verdict

I especially love the indoor (yet non-enclosed) structure which allows natural lights and air ventilation into the premise as it's really comfortable - no hot sun, chilly wind and tan lines! Regardless of rain or shine, the children (and us) get to play! The temperature of the water is perfect and we don't get chilly running around. The heated shower is a big bonus!

It's very child-friendly and great to have crews around to watch after the children. Unlike the usual lifeguards, they played with the children and sang along with the music. In comparison to the other water playareas/playgrounds, it's not as slippery and safe for child to run around. It's shallow enough for the children to play in and just nice depth for the adults to sit in.

We have totally enjoyed ourselves! In fact, I think Emma got more confident with water after that day. I had imagined her clinging to me like Koala Bear as she isn't the most brave girl around. But she didn't!

It would cost $19 for the 3 of us (Safra members) and is no doubt more expensive that the public swimming pool. It's probably time to invest in Kidz Amaze membership? Nonetheless, I find it worthwhile for an engaging and safe water play. It's hard to say if we would head down on our own as it's 30 mins drive away from our home. But, I would definitely go if we have a party or play date there!

Some useful things to note: 

1. No swimming gears are provided or available for sale so bring all your stuffs - towels and swim wears.

2. Child needs to be in swimming attire. No normal diapers are allowed in the pool so use swimming diapers instead. As for adults, Dri-Fit top and shorts will do. 

3. No food stall within Splash @ Kidz Amaze but there are eateries within the building. Eat before play! 

4. Electronic lockers - only new coins & notes are acceptable and no change is provided so do prepare exact amount.

We were late for the event reception by the time we wrapped up. So, off we went to Dawn & Wayne's place for a cosy dinner! 

Thank you Splash @ Kidz Amaze for having us and Bumble Bee Mum for organising this visit!


9 Sentul Crescent, Punggol, Singapore 828654 (map)

Operating hours: 
Mon - Thurs: 10am - 8pm
Fri - Sun, Gazetted Public and School Holidays: 10am - 9pm 

Contact No: 6585 8710

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  1. Looks like an awesome evening last Saturday! I especially loved the picture of twin Emma! How adorable if you had two of her. hehehe I still prefer an outdoor facility for water play. It just feels cleaner with the sun shining down on us *hehe*

    1. It would be great to have another her but not at the same time. Haha. Outdoor water play would be great if the water is not so cold!

  2. Your kids looked like they had so much fun!! I have to agree on the temperature of the water makes water play more fun than usual... No more kids shivering in the cold....

  3. I missed this preview because of the timing, but it sure looks like a really fun place for kids! I like that the water is at room temperature, and I think many parents will appreciate that as well. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You should bring Noah and Daddy there! Would be difficult for you to chase him around.

  4. It was nice meeting you other day and it was fun exploring a new indoor playground.

  5. We wanted to go but hubs said wait till not so crowded. Thanks for the useful tips on what is unavailable. And I did a double take when I saw twins sliding

    1. It wasn't so crowded that day.. Perhaps all out for mothers' day dinner.

  6. Your girl is so HappY! My kids found the pool a bit kiddy, and I found out the hard way slide is bad for 1.8m me (went down too fast and bang head!)


  7. We were there last Saturday too! My boy had loads of fun too esp watching the bucket of water pour out each time.


  8. Thanks for the detailed info, love your pictures esp the one your girl having water fight.. 😊

  9. This looks like it will be an extremely popular waterpark for families residing in the North-East. Love the happy pics of your girl :D