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Emma's swimming journey & 8 things I love about Little Swim School


Emmalyn turns 3 years old on a historical and glorious day for Singapore!

On 13 Aug, Joseph Schooling set a new Olympic record, left the world in awe and made Singapore so proud! Along with his gold medal, countless are inspired to achieve bigger dreams in life. Of the many clips and reports swimming around, I particularly love the interview with Joseph's parents. I see the love, support and strength they have showered upon him. It left me pondering about parenting and I pray that the Lord would bless us the wisdom to upbring and help Emma unleash her own potential as well.

While I'm not pinning any high hopes to train any Olympic Champion, I deeply appreciate the importance of developing good sportsmanship beyond academic learning. Emma spent nearly 9 hours x 5 days in school picking up important skills like social, communication and problem solving skills through real life interaction, stories and songs. Given her development, I think the school did really well so I can't bear to send her to more classes like music and brain training classes over the weekends at this moment. As much as I could, I wish she would enjoy her childhood with activities that she loves.

To our delight, we realised that Emma enjoys being in & playing with water after several water play. She was motivated to do some serious kicking and bubble blowing when she saw her church big brother and sister swam. Thus, we thought it's time for some swim lessons. Besides, there benefits of swimming are countless - a life skill, an exercise, a bonding session and a fun way to train motor, social & emotional skills.

We went for trial class at Little Swim School's brand new flagship at Westway (West Coast Highway) and fell in love with it immediately. The first lesson was fun and enriching so we decided to continue with a term of 16 weeks. 4 lessons swam by and we're happy to see improvements in Emma. In the following weeks, I will share Emma's swimming progress and provide my honest review of Little Swim School.

For the start, let me share the 8 things I love about Little Swim School (Westway).

8 things I love about Little Swim School

1. Indoor pool/Weather-proof

It was drizzling on our first few lessons but we didn't have to postpone our swim lesson as Little Swim School has an indoor pool! We can now bid farewell to the erratic and possibly harmful weather elements such as UV rays from the sun, the rain and the wind. I tan easily and still have the tan lines bestowed during our swim in June.  I can't imagine how I would look like if I were to go under the sun weekly.

2. Seasalt chlorination

As compared to regular chlorinated water in other pools, seasalt chlorinated water is gentler and easier on the skin. It has been a month and we see no dry skin/dry problems from swimming weekly.

3. Temperature-controlled pool

Emma and I always take a very long time to adapt to the cold water at the outdoor pools. So, heated pool is a plus point for us! There is zero down time wasted, absolutely no shivering and we dip in within seconds! The pool water is temperature regulated to ensure a comfortable and conducive learning environment. 

4. Good facilities

Little Swim School is well equipped with heated shower facilities for both children & adults toilets, diaper stations and baby shower tubs. I love that they have hair dryers readily available near the toilets so Emma didn't have to leave the school dripping wet.

There are benches and tables for family members to hang around and watch the lessons in the pool (left) through glass panels at their comfort - no accidental splashing!

5. Certified coaches


The coaches aren't just professional, experienced and certified swim coaches, they are fun loving and passionate about teaching. Our main coach is Teacher Jin, an experienced coach who has been teaching babies and toddlers for the past 5 years. This explains why he's good with children and Emma likes him. Besides a NROC Level 1 Coach and first-aid trained, Teacher Jin also is an AUSTSWIM Certified Teacher and Assessor internationally who has undergone training with Swim Australia. I'm so glad that Emma is in good hands!

6. Industry-standards & Age-appropriate

On our first lesson, we were delighted that the parent-accompanied lessons are so fun and filled with many activities like noodles, slides and tunnels. It wasn't too daunting for Emma and she's able to catch up quickly. Little Swim School practises strict industry-standards and teaching pedagogy to ensure effective lesson for learners of different age groups (from 6 months onwards).

Emma is in the Baby Swimming Class for 6 - 42 months. The class size of ~6 works well for us as it's not too big a group. Besides, seeing how other children swim actually makes Emma more confident and motivated. The class is 30 mins long. Even though I find it short, it seems the right span for Emma as she is always very exhausted after the lesson.

7. Easy accessibility


Little Swim School is 3 mins away from Haw Par Villa MRT. For those driving, it is connected to major highways and has ample carpark facilities. The location is perfect for us as it takes less than 10 mins to reach there.

8. Competitive Rates

A terms of 16 weeks cost $608 and it breaks down to $38 per lesson. For parents who don't mind the outdoor setting, Little Swim School have also swimming lessons at Queenstown Swimming Complex and Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex. Each lesson costs ~$24. More about their rates and trial lessons over here.

SG51 Free Trial Promotion

To celebrate Singapore's 51st birthday, Little Swim School is giving away free trial lessons at their Westway outlet to the first 51 callers. So, don't miss your chance and call 67475232 to grab a slot for an experience of what Little Swim School has to offer. The promotion is valid till 31 August 2016 or when all 51 slots have been redeemed, whichever comes first. 

Swim Hard. Dream Big!

More on Little Swim School over at their website, Facebook and Instagram.


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