Sunday, August 28, 2016

IKEA: Organising Toy Storage

IKEA's Democratic Design

This upcoming year, IKEA is all about "Democratic Design" - a philosophy that everyone should be able to own high quality and cutting edge and functional designs at affordable prices. If you look closer at its product, I'm sure it's not hard to identify which dimension(s) have been taken into serious consideration.

For this month, I'm taking up the challenge to discover and highlight the hidden dimension(s) over at Emma's IKEA toys corner! Some products have all 5 dimensions while the others have 2-3 dimensions. In this post, I will highlight just 1 dimension (though it has likely more than 1) for each product that we used!

Organising Toy Storage

1. Trofast Toy Storage ($243)

Highlighted Dimension: Function

Our family spent most of our family time together, chilling, playing and dining, at the living/dining hall. To avoid over-cluttering and mini explosion of toys, we designated several play corners like study corner and toy corner at the living room, and kept away those less played toys in her room.

We bought this Trofast storage last year and it has been helping us to keep the mess away from sight well. There are numerous way to build a Trofast Toy Storage as it comes in different height, size and colours! We decided on building it like a sideboard using 3 single frames and paired them with white (10cm) and red (23cm) containers. 

I used the white containers to sort small items according to categories eg. Legos, balls and papers. The red containers are used to store bigger items like soft toys, bags and those bigger battery operated toys. This way, it's easier for Emma to find and pack her stuff.

These container also double up as water play tools. Fill up the container half way and throw in some toys for some fun waterplay!

2. GLIS Box with Lid ($2.99 for 3 boxes)

Highlighted Dimension: Low Price

For smaller items like magnets and accessories, I used GLIS boxes to store them. They are useful to storing art materials as well. It definitely hard to find a similar good quality box at less than $1 elsewhere!

3. ISTAD Plastic Bags (~$2.50)

Highlighted Dimension: Quality

These ISTAD plastic bags are functional, thick and durable! Beside using them for food storage, I also used them to group up her toys so it's easier for her to pick which to play and save the hassle from hunting the missing pieces. 

4. VALBEKANT Clipboard ($4.99)

Highlighted Dimension: Sustainability

These days Emma has been doodling up quite a bit and they can be quite artistic at times. As much as I would love to put her all her artwork, I find it too overwhelming for our small spaces. Thus, I thought clipping up different pieces from time to time work out too. Unlike some plastic clipboards, VALBEKANT clipboard is made from renewable and recyclable material (paper). It's definitely friendly to the environment. 

5. FISKBO/SONDRUM Photoframes

Highlighted Dimension: Form

Finally, I decorated the toy storage corner with a photo wall. Besides adding touches of personality and style, it also helps to tone down the look of the "kids corner" at our living/dining hall! Fiskbo frames are more classic looking while Sondrum frames are modern vintage looking! Just mix and match to create your own unique photowall. I used 3M photoframe tape and they make updating photos hassle free.

How do you find our Toy storage cum sideboard? Hope they would inspire you to create your own dream storage for your precious ones!

With IKEA's democratic design, I glad that our money spent are more worthwhile than ever! 


This is my 4th and final post for IKEA blogger program 2016. I hope you have enjoyed reading this series!


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  1. Great work with your new toy storage area. And the colour scheme doesn’t look too kiddy too.

  2. Kekekeke patriotic colours my friend! Thumbs up! I can't believe the GLIS boxes are going at $2.99 for 3! That's crazy low price!