Monday, November 21, 2016

Emma's 3rd year updates!

It has been a joy documenting Emma's monthly updates the past 3 years and I still love to read back at her growing journey, but it's time for a break. Instead of updating on monthly basis, I look forward to keep up with her monthly photos and update on individual milestone, learning and growth experiences! Click on the links to join her on her growing journey!

3 years old

3 years 1 month old

Love dance and music

3 years 2 months old

New love for Legos

3 years 3 months old


3 years 4 months old

3 years 5 months old

Promote to Nursery 2 class!

3 years 6 months old

Enjoys colouring and drawing!

3 years 7 months

3 years 8 months

 3 years 9 months

3 years 10 months

3 years 11 months

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