Monday, November 21, 2016

Farewell lil thumb addict!

Our battle with our lil thumb addict has finally came to an end after 3 long years!!

Who would expect thumbsucking to bring about cellulitis & abscess and a 4 days 3 nights hospital stay? We are relieved that it didn't reoccur again.

Since then, Sept 2014, we tried countless ways to help her kick her habit - bandages and plasters, chiding, threatening with chili and insects, and bribes and praises. We gave up many times since their effects were temporary and none of them has helped her.

We don't know how she eventually did it. I think she just outgrew it herself. She has stopped sucking/biting for a few weeks and her thumbs are recovering well from the sores. These days, she just smell her thumbs when she's bored in the car.

Looks like our baby girl is all grown up now!


  1. My girl is turning 4 and she is still on her thumb.. nothing works too. Pray that she will grow out of it soon just like ur little girl :)