Monday, January 23, 2017

A younger sister for Emma!

Me: "Hui Hui, it's 妹妹."

Emma: "Yay... 我喜欢妹妹."

After much anticipation, we finally found out our baby gender last Thursday - it's a girl! Emma came along for the detailed scan and was thrilled to find out that she's going to have a younger sister. It might sound really fun to her to have a mini-her. She's already thinking of sharing her clothes and toys with her.
@ 17+ weeks

And me, I'm really thankful to hear that baby is growing well at Week 19+. It doesn't matter as much if it's a boy or girl. Unlike the first pregnancy, I was more anxious than excited during the scan. After being a mother for some years, I learnt that there are really lots of risks involved during the pregnancy. So, all I pray for are a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby.
Both Hubby and I came from a family with elder sister and younger brother so we can't really imagine how things would unfold with a family of 2 sisters. Nonetheless, I give thanks to God for blessing us with another precious girl and I'm already looking forward to upbring the sisters!

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