Friday, January 6, 2017

Goodbye 2016! Hello 2017!

2016 was much of a ride for our family!

Faith and Family

We started last year with some setbacks but ended the year standing more faithful, thankful and stronger. Over the last year, I've truly experienced "God makes all things beautiful in his time!" even when things aren't beautiful or smooth-sailing or perfect in my eyes at the very moment. 

I give thanks to God for all the ups and downs, the good and bad in 2016 for I know all things were set to according to his plan. All I need to do is to trust HIM, seek HIM and leave things in HIS good hands. For in the middle of the mess, God is writing a message. 

With another baby and a new nest in months to come by God's grace, I believe my life will surely be more exciting (and in a bigger chaos) than ever. I seriously don't know how am I going to juggle the new roles and changes. 

So, all I long for 2017 is to pull through these 12 months and settle down by 2018. I know I'm not going to get by just by my own strength and will. And, I pray that I would continue to hold on to his promise and embrace the joyful chaos with growing faith, peace, patience, wisdom and strength. 

Emma and Family

Looking back at 2016, I'm thankful for a simple year filled with lots of fun, growth and learning especially for Emma.

The highlight for Emma must be the our Hong Kong trip in April. She enjoyed Ocean Park and Disneyland to every bits. She still talks about Hong Kong and asks to go on holiday these days. 

With the house packing and move (and belly) in line, we decided do away with a year end trip and babymoon. However, I'm glad we made it to Legoland Malaysia in Oct when I was 6+ weeks pregnant then. 

I spent a few months revamping the house at the middle of last year. We started with Emma's room, followed by master bedroom, kitchen and the living. We didn't enjoy to enjoy the fruits of my labour for long but I'm glad that they "helped" with the house viewings.

Months before Emma turned 3 years old, she began sleeping on big girl's bed months.

In August, we celebrated her 3rd birthday with her friends at her childcare and the family at Cool De Sac. We also had a studio photoshoot to mark her birthday!

Just before her 3rd birthday, she decided that she no longer needed any diaper at night. And, there started our almost non-existent night training. What a blessing for us!

Towards the last 3 months of the year, we took Emma to swimming lessons and she had so much fun! It's a pity that we had to stop the lessons as we find it more manageable not to commit to weekly lessons while juggling with all these changes. I can't wait to bring her for some swim soon!

Talking about learning and growth, she has been making great progress and growth in languages, music and physique. She even sings with the church children choir. She played with more toys and read books daily. 

For our last few months as a family of 3, I hope that we will make the most of it. Once our baby comes along, it will be a big change for Emma. I pray that she will cope with her new role as a big sister without big problems. 


How I wish my life has been almost all about the family and Emma! But, in fact, I spent more than 30% of my days at work.

Half way through the year, I had a new boss and I'm thankful that things have been well so far. There were many changes, new responsibilities, and uncertainties within the organisation, but I could see our team trying to make things work out. With new added responsibilities, I'm thankful for the opportunities to learn and grow. I hope I could still contribute my best while achieving a work-life balance and growing my baby bump.

Blog and Instagram

Besides working a day job, I also spent quite some time on my blog and instagram to journal precious memories and experiences. Along the way, I'm grateful to receive many opportunities to work with many brands that I love and find them useful. A big thank you for all the support given to this humble blog. For 2017, I wish to continue to set aside some time to grow my little passion as much as I could.

Family and Friends

I thankful for all the support given by the family, church and friends. This year, we get to spent lots of time with the family and more time at church. For the coming year, I look forward to build closer relationship with these important people.

My love

Finally, I like to thank Hubby for taking care of me and the family. Last year, he had driven me crazy more than ever with his big plans and courage. With my hormones over counter, we probably had more arguments and disagreements than before. However, we had also learnt to compromise more. 2017 will be a more challenging and tiring year, I pray that we will continue to love and support each other.

And to 2017, I have never been so unprepared and overwhelmed for a new year but bring it on!


  1. Yay to no more diapers! Next year is going to be awesome. Can't wait to meet the new addition in your family, so excited for you!