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The Toddle Shop x Getting out with a newborn

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Shortly following my delivery, I started thinking about getting out of the house with Baby Avalyn after my confinement. It took me 6 weeks to be bold enough to venture out to nearby mall with Emma alone but this time, I might have gotten out after 2 weeks if not because of my confinement.

While I was all ready and confident to bring Baby Avalyn out alone, I lacked of baby gears like diaper bag and carrier. I wasn't prepared for early delivery and delay in house moving, so my baby gears are still stuck in the storage warehouse. To get out as planned, I had to get these stuff fast and shopping online when home bound is surely the way to go!

The Toddle Shop

I went on The Toddle Shop's website ( and began my search for affordable diaper bag and carrier. With a user friendly website and fine selections of baby products, it didn't take long for me to set my eyes on Skip Hop Duo Signature diaper bag bag and Boba baby wrap. In addition, I also bought a Spectra pump from The Toddle Shop.

There are more quality baby gears, products for learning & play, feeding and nursing, bath & health and even wearables from trusted brands like Babyzen, Ergo baby, Melissa & Doug, Dr Brown's, OXO Tot on The Toddle Shop. It also carries the latest Jujube Sea Punk edition!

I like that The Toddle Shop provides Toddle tags like Smart, Healthy, Investment, Necessity and Eco-friendly to aid buying decision. The Toddle tags forms the basis for evaluating all the products in store. Thus, customers can be assured that products are carefully chosen.

Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag - Onyx Tile

I'm loving this diaper bag even more after using it. It can be carried as a tote bag or a shoulder bag and has a patented shuttle clips that easily convert it to a stroller bag.

The multiple compartments make it easy to pack and access items. Besides the main big compartment, there are 1 zip and 2 pockets at the front panel, 1 big pocket at the back panel, 2 mesh pockets by the side and 1 small easy-access tech pocket at the top. It's smartly designed in a way that I do not need to open or unzip more than once to access items.

It also includes a matching cushioned changing pad. Most importantly, it looks stylish and doesn't look like a diaper bag. I fell in love with the Onyx Tile design as it's classy and easy to match with my outfits. There are also many prints for this bag designs to suit different style! The Toddle Shop also carries many other Skip Hop diaper bags.

Boba Wrap - Black

For Emma, I started using Ergo carrier with infant seat once she hit the minimum weight until she was close to 3 years old. It is useful to babywear especially when I'm alone or on holidays as it keeps my hands free to do other things.

However, Avalyn is born so small that I doubt a standard carrier would fit her well. Thus, I decided to try out Boba Wrap and it serves us well! I love how the baby are snuggly wrapped up no matter how big they are and Avalyn always fall asleep in when wrapped up. Besides, it's a cheaper option compared to a carrier.

Though it looks pretty complicated, it is actually quite easy to wear the wrap.  After reading the wrap instruction and video, I managed to tie it well on the first try. It's made of high-quality French terry material (95% cotton and 5% spandex). It's very comfortable to wear at indoor but can be pretty hot to wear at outdoor for a long period. Yet, my only grumble is not being able to dress up in different tops as the wrap covers up everything.

For that reason, I still can't decide if I would continue to wear a wrap or switch back to a standard carrier once Avalyn gets heavier. If you are looking for standard carriers, The Toddle Shop also carries Ergobaby, Boba, Beco, Manduca and Emeibaby, 

Spectra M1 Double Breast Pump

As compared to my Ameda Breast Pump, Spectra M1 Double Breast Pump weighs so much lighter and is perfect for outing. It's light, portable and rechargeable so I do not need to bring along an extra charger. It is small but has very powerful suction and empties breast well. The expression modes come in 5 levels of suction with automatic speed adjustment. Due to its portability, it does not have any bottle holders. It took me a few practice before handling the bottles with breast shields confidently. It's overall a great investment for mothers who like to express milk for some time. For now, I'm using Ameda Breast Pump at home as it expresses faster (like 5 mins faster) and Spectra Breast Pump when I'm out.

Back to getting out with a newborn alone, what are the other necessary things to prepare?

Things to bring for outing with newborn alone

1. Baby wrap or carrier

I prefer to use a wrap or carrier instead of a stroller when I'm alone as it's easier to move about. I use the stroller when I'm out with Hubby and car.

2. Diaper bag

With the amount of things to bring out, it would be easier to get a proper diaper bag instead of a normal bag. Diaper bag usually have any compartments, allows quick and easy access to items while carrying baby.

3. Milk and feeding stuff

Bring along baby's milk! It's easy if you are nursing as you just to bring along a nursing cover or wear nursing friendly clothes. Don't forget your nursing pads.

If you are giving bottles, prepare your expressed breast milk (room temp or chilled in cooler bag) or formula milk, milk bottles, hot water in thermal flask and cup (to warm up chilled milk).

Since I'm expressing milk every 4 hourly, I bring along my Spectra pump when I head out for more than 4 hours.

4. Diaper Change and stuff

With a newborn, there are always diapers to change. Pack in diapers, wet wipes, tissues and changing mat. To be safe, I also pack in spare clothes/mittens/socks and plastic bag for dirty clothes. It's good to standby a receiving blanket when you are heading out to air conditioned places. Else, nursing cover can double up as well. 

5. Mom necessities

Finally, throw in your wallet, keys, hand phone, a bottle of water and an extra top (optional), and you are ready to go!

Hope this quick list will be helpful to you when you plan for your first adventurous outing with your newborn. I left out some "good-to-have" items (e.g. nail clippers, diaper cream, baby hat) as I prefer to travel light. By the way, the list does get longer when when baby gets more active (toys and books to entertain) and starts solid (food, snacks and utensils).

Discount Code

Anyway, do check out The Toddle Shop for your baby needs as there is a 15% off non-sale merchandises items for order above $80 with discount code "ashlyn15". This discount code* is valid till 20 July 2017. 

* Terms & Conditions:

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Happy Toddling! 

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