Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Avalyn turned 2 months old

Another month flew by...

Here's our sweet Avalyn at 2 months with her new look! She looked so different as compared to last month.

At 7 weeks old, she was weighing 3.85kg and 52.5cm. She probably 4+ kg at 2 months old! Her face got rounder and arms/legs rolls started to build up!

She's still drinking 70 ml every 2 hrly and started to sleep 2.5 - 3 hrs in the night at 2 months old. She's a sleepy head and was still napping a lot until she was 2 months. But, she was usually quite fussy from 7-10pm. We also introduced pacifier to her and she's taking it pretty well. 

She has been healthy and well! She also started to follow movements. We took her to the polyclinic for her Hep B vaccination after she turned 1 month old. She cried loudly and soothed quickly! We noticed some cradle cap after her shave but it went off after applying some oil and light rubbing. She had regurgitation once a while but Dr advised that it's common. 

Shortly after her 1st month, we engaged the service of Huat Sing Tai Mao Bi to shave her head and do up a customized calligraphy pen with brush tip made from her newborn hair. With her bald head, she looks more boyish but it's totally necessary! Hope her new grown hair will be thicker and nice!

Soon after my confinement, we had our first family outing and continued with many adventures (Thanks to Emma! She loves going out!). For the past 1 month, Avalyn has ventured to hospitals, church, shopping malls, Singapore Zoo and Universal Studio Singapore.

We had our first dinner out together with my parents to celebrate my Dad's birthday! We also brought her to our new home before the renovation got into full swing.

Since we didn't have a 1st month celebration for her, many have not met her personally. So, I brought her out to meet some of my friends. I also brought her out to my office to visit my boss and colleagues. Looking back, we were out pretty frequent! 

Finally, this adventurous baby also had her passport ready for her first trip! We are traveling to Koh Samui with 2 other fun loving families (@mmlittlee and @themishmashmess) this Tues evening! Follow us on Instagram (@ashlynthia) for our travel updates! 

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