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《小红帽 》Red Riding Hood in Mandarin by The Little Company - Review & Giveaway

Recently, we watched 《小红帽》 Red Riding Hood in Mandarin brought by The Little Company.

The musical play was a humorous and lively one. However, there were some frightening scenes that added on to the fear factor of the play. So, I was surprised that our usually timid Emma managed to sit through the play without any tears! But, she did cringed at some scenes and held tight to Daddy's hand. Here's our very own brave Little Red Riding Hood after the show!  

I watched the trailer and thought she might be afraid of the black and hideous big bad wolf. To prep her, I shown her the trailer the night before and told her that the big bad wolf is acted by someone. We also reminded her again while waiting for the start of the play.


The story tells how a brave little girl, named Red, journeyed through the forest to seek advice from Grandma in order to save Mother's bakery from closing down. Along the way, she bumped into the Big Bad Wolf who can't wait to eat up Grandma and her. She was deceived but eventually outsmarted the wolf. In the end, her wit saved Grandma, her parents and the bakery shop!

Beyond the slightly frightening plot, I find that it's worth a watch for older children. Read on to find out why! 

By the way, the show is recommended for children of 5 years old and above. The use of deeper level of Mandarin might be the reason behind it. Younger children might not understand what the cast say. Our 4 year old enjoyed the play, but I'm pretty sure she didn't understand all the jokes and plots clearly.

1. Entertaining 

There are 6 roles - Red, Grandma, Wolf, Father, Mother and Will the Woodcutter. All of them are humorous but Will the Woodcutter brought us the most joy. His forgetfulness caused him to mixed things up in a funny way. Together with Red, they had lots of conversations that brought us laughters.

The wolf is actually more wacky than scary. I enjoyed the part where he lured Red out into the woods so that he can head up to the Grandma's house before her. 

2. Engaging 

There are few scenes where the audience, including Emma, was so engaged that they shouted out and clapped in excitement. Avalyn was napping throughout the show but had a few shock from the claps and call outs.

3. A story with a twist

Unlike the "Little Red Riding Hood" story that we all story we know, this story has some magical touch. Towards the end of the story, there was a twist which was somewhat the scary but yet the touching part. I couldn't help but to shed some tears. 

4. Brings about valuable lessons

Besides teaching the little ones to beware of strangers and not be easily deceived, Red also taught us to be hopeful, brave, quick-minded. They serious life lessons that older children need to learn when they face times of difficulties or dangers. It also emphasizes on family love! 

5. Promotes Mandarin in a fun way 

Exposing little ones to Mandarin play is one of the way to increase their interest in the Chinese language. Creative wordings, phrases and idioms were used throughout the play. I find the use them hard for younger children to understand. But, I believe older children can appreciate a little more or it's even a chance for them to learn new words!


Singapore Repertory Theatre is giving away a family package tickets for 4 on 5 Aug, Saturday, 11am.
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Play Details

Show timings: 
Weekdays -10am
Weekends & Public Holiday - 11am & 2pm

Tickets Pricing (tickets available on SISTIC):
Weekdays - Starting from $25
Weekends - Starting from $35

KC Arts Centre - Home of SRT
Robertson Walk
20 Merbau Road
Singapore 239035

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