Thursday, August 17, 2017

Family trip to Koh Samui and packing list for beach/pool outing

Our family made it to Koh Samui and back!

Many thought that we were out of our mind to bring our 2.5 months Avalyn on holiday, but it wasn't that mad afterall. You might have seen it on my Instagram, it was with 2 other families to Koh Samui at not just one, but two luxury villas! Check out our beach villa here first! Do look out for the post on the hilltop villa on A Million Little Echoes!

We had an amazing time! The two beach and hilltop villas by the Asian Luxury Villas were huge and perfect for a big group like us. Pampered like never before, there were private chefs to cook all our meals and daily housekeeping service.

Staying in the villas made baby caring so much easier yet there was no stopping to the fun! With 6 adults, there was always someone to watch over and entertain the children. I'm pretty sure that all of us had the chance to interact with all the children - be it carrying them up and down the car, washing hands, getting splashed or playing with them.


Most importantly, the children had so much fun together! Throughout the stay, Emma woke up to "I want to look for my friends" every morning. There were some inevitable squabbles but I think they had did a great job living and playing together. It warmed my heart to see how Emma made up with one of them after a small fight over an activity book at her own accord. What an important life lesson to learn how to iron our differences and argument!

All in all, I doubt we can have such an enjoyable and stress-free getaway without the 2 fun-loving families! Such a huge milestone for us! So, a big thank you to May's and Janice (The Mishmashmess)'s families for making our first family trip a memorable and fun one!

You must be thinking, what's so fun about staying in a villa? The children will tell you, it's the beach and pool! We hit the beach and/or pool almost everyday! They plunged, swam, built sandcastles and played with water gun. Though I only got to dip twice, I enjoyed watching the big and small children having great fun!

It was also convenient for us as the beach and pool were just minutes away, thus we just changed in the room and run back to pick up things when needed. We would have to get everything packed up all nicely if the beach or pool is out of vicinity. After dragging the children out of the water, we had lunches by private chefs served at the villas right after washing up! Awesome or what?

Oh no! I'm having serious holiday withdrawal symptoms now!!!

Anyhow, I've consolidated a packing list for our next beach/pool outing. I hope this list can help get your family all ready for a fun time at the beach/pool too!

Things to pack for beach/pool outing

            1. Swimwear
            2. Swim Diapers for the little ones
            3. Sun hat
            4. Sun glasses
            5. Sunscreen lotion
            6. Slippers
            7. Toys for sand or water play - Emma loves the "water gun"! 
            8. Goggles
            9. Swimming floats - Jumbo floats are bonus! Thanks May and Janice for lugging them over
            10. Mats for beach outing
            11. Towel
            12. Toiletries
            13. After wash clothes
            14. Snacks and water bottles/packet dreinks
            15. Wet bags or plastic bags
            16. Camera and/or Go pro

Yes, that's a plenty to pack in! But all in the name of "Fun"! I'm already looking forward to our next pool outing!


* Thank you Funfit for sponsoring my swimwear for this trip.

I was so troubled over getting suitable swimwear at just 2.5 months postpartum as I'm still not back to shape. But, the wide waistband shorts II in black (with KeeperBand) is awesome and indeed a keeper!  It helped hide my post pregnancy tummy & stretch marks, and has a slot at the back of the shorts to keep small belongings like handphone and keys! It is also an easy match for my halter bikini tops in black/white strips (a full body shot can be seen on my IG) and hot pink (as seen on my IG where I had a pullover on).

Funfit has recently launched a petal hem shorts that is suitable for both water play and gym. It's more like a shorts with side pocket as compared to the short tights that I wore. You should really check out both of these swim/active bottoms!

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