Sunday, October 15, 2017

Thomashlynshome #1: Main Door - An Digital Lock and Schlage S-480 Digital Lock


Welcome to #thomashlynshome!

I'm so excited to kick start our #thomashlynshome series and can't wait to walk you through different corners of our home. 

Here's our main door before installing the Schlage S-480 Digital Lock! 

When Hubby suggested to get a digital lock for our new house, I thought it wasn't necessary. I've been using keys and padlocks for the longest time and didn't thought of trying a digital lock. Even though I always have trouble finding my key in my handbag, I'm used to it. However, my life changed after having Schalge S-480 Digital lock. It really brought us lots of convenience!

With a toddler and a baby, getting out of the house takes more effort than before. On school/work days, things got more tedious. We leave home with 4 bags, sometimes 5. There are 2 bags for the girls, my handbag, pump bag and at times, Hubby's laptop bag. So it's really saves us time and effort without the need to search for keys, unlock and lock using keys. 

With just a gentle tap on the Schalge S-480 Digital Lock, we are ready to head out. 

The door locks by itself after we close the door. There is sound system to alert us that the door has been locked.

Entering the house is just as convenient - another tap and we are in! 

No more conventional keys, we can choose to enter using key cards, tokens or stickers. It can register up to 50 RFID access!

Our rubbish chute is outside so we always have to get out to clear the bin in the evening. Instead of grabbing the key token, we usually leave home keyless and re-enter using pin numbers. 

I love that it has function to scramble the pin numbers (random security coding function). We can key in random numbers of any length before our actual pin number and it would still work. So, if there is any passerby, the trick would work as they won't know what is our actual pin number. Besides, longer pin numbers are harder to remember.

Best of all, this Schlage S-480 Digital Lock is very affordable and it's retailing at An Digital Lock at $299 (inclusive of installation) - link. It's a great basic choice for new users, likes us, who just want to give digital lock a try.

You will be surprised to hear that Schalge isn't any new brand. In fact, it's a Number 1 selling lock brand in US that Zansan has brought into Singapore. With more than 80 years in lock making, it aims to provides consumers with reliable and strong lock. 

As for the installation, it's fast and hassle free! It took less than an hr to install the digital lock. 

The installation guy has hearing and speech disability but that didn't hinder his work. He is very meticulous and communicated with me through texts on phone. It's great to know that An Digital Lock actually offer job opportunities to people with disabilities. 

After opening up the package, he started off with marking of the door. 

It followed by drilling of hole to fix the lock and cleaning up of sawdust with broom and dustpan.

Finally, the fixing of the lock!

After the completion of installation, he taught me how to use the lock. It's surprisingly easy to set up and use!


Thank you An Digital Lock and Zansan for bringing such convenience to our hectic days! 

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