Friday, October 20, 2017

Thomashlynshome #3: Comfort Design Furniture x Choosing the perfect sofa

More on our living room!
With a grey and white theme in mind, we knew we had to get a new grey sofa. Our previous black sofa, though still functioning fine, would give a totally different feel. So, we passed the black sofa to my parents and went on to search for "the perfect one"!
So, what would be considered as "the perfect one" for us?

1. Colour

Everyone has their own key criterion. Of all the criteria, I find it most important to get a sofa of the colour that matches our theme. Being the biggest piece of furniture in the living room, it will make or break our theme.

2. Size

Think about where you want to place the sofa before considering the size of the sofa.
Our TV feature wall is fixed by the side and this limited the size of the sofa we can get if we want the sofa to be centralized against the feature wall. We took a measurement and went looking around. Most of them are too big for us. Thankfully, we managed to find quite a number of sofa of our desired size at Comfort Design Furniture.
We would love to fit in a L-shaped sofa so that Hubby can lounged (prop up his legs) and watch his movies. Unfortunately, the size of our living room doesn't allow. But, a movable ottoman could easily solve the problem! We are happy that this set comes with a matching ottoman! 

3. Material of Sofa

Honestly, we chose a fabric grey one for aesthetic reason. Grey leather sofa looks too formal for the theme. I know it's not the best choice with young children. But, it should work out fine as the girls always drink their milk on the playmat. I learnt from our sales guy that 3M carries fabrics cleaners and they are really effective!

4. Comfort

Some likes the sofa firm while others like those that they can sit into. Hubby and I have different preferences. But, he gave in and we got the one that is firmer. For this very reason, I find it useful to purchase furniture like sofa from a physical store as compared to the online ones as we get to try them out. Comfort Design Furniture listed all their items online and at the shop as well! With a 32,000 sq ft showroom, it would be more efficient to shortlist online first before dropping by to try them out.

5. Back/Head Support

We love sofa that allows us to rest our heads while seating down. However, it can't be too tall as it would look too bulky. Having said so, this is not so difficult as we aren't very tall.

6. Budget

I know some would rather invest in an expensive and long lasting leather sofa. But, we prefer to get sofa that is budget friendly so that we can change it few years down the road without feeling the pinch. This 2.5 seater sofa + ottoman set costs about $1k at Comfort Design Furniture.
What's your perfect sofa like?
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