Friday, November 3, 2017

Thomashlynshome #5 - The girls' bedroom and Nippon Paint Mozzieguard

Soft pink and dreamy!  That's what I wish the girls' room would to be!

I secretly hope that the soothing colour combination of pink, grey and white will help them sleep better!

 Following an awesome paintwork (link ) by Nippon Paint last year, we have became loyal and happy customers of Nippon Paint. This time, we engaged Nippon Paint to paint the entire house and the doors.

I had a hard time convincing Hubby to keep the house as white as possible. He called me boring but I'm so in love bright white spaces that I can't do with other colours! He eventually gave in and we went with Sail White (1199) for most of the walls.

Fortunately, choosing the colour for the girls' room is pretty easy! Since Emma loves pink and Avalyn has no say over the choices yet, we knew what colour to go up to the girls' bedroom wall even before asking.

After looking through the various shade of pink, we chose sugar pink (NP OW1033P) for the girls' room. As there are only 2 main pieces of wall in the room as the 3rd piece of wall is covered by tall built in wardrobe, I decided to have it painted all pink so that it's easier to style the room.

It will probably take me some time, but I plan to do up white-framed photo wall. This beautiful piece by my dear sister, Dawn, will be going up to the wall as well!

The room is small but I'm thankful it still fit both of them comfortably.

Avalyn sleeps in a big baby cot while Emma sleeps on an IKEA toddler bed. Once Avalyn gets older, I hope to get them bunk bed/pull out bed. 

Since the paintwork was done before we move in, we thought it would be fine to do without odourless paint. Instead, we used Nippon MozzieGuard paint.

With the mosquitoes-related illnesses on the rise, I don't think anyone would ever love mosquitoes unless they are some research scientists. We battled with mosquitoes at my in-law's place and I was often bitten in the middle of the night. I hate it as I couldn't sleep well. I was also worried of contracting any mosquitoes-related illnesses especially when I was pregnant. Things were as bad for Emma, she didn't wake up because of the itch. But, she scratched them very hard and always end up with a small open wound. So, we closed the windows and stuck mosquitoes patches on Emma at bedtime. 

Moving on to our new place doesn't bring us much hope to be free from mosquitoes. In fact, we thought it might be worst. We saw mosquitoes at our house when it was still under renovation. We are surrounded by lots of green that looks like a good breeding ground for mosquitoes. To our surprise, we haven't suffer from any mosquitoes attack over the past 6 weeks and I must give full credits to Nippon MozzieGuard paint. 

Nippon MozzieGuard

Available in a wide range of colours that are of light shades, Nippon MozzieGuard is a special coating with insecticide encapsulated in the polymer for interior use. It has excellent knockdown property against mosquitoes (including Aedes mosquitoes) through contact. Unlike other products that chase mosquitoes away, it paralyses the mosquitoes and kills them. The active ingredient enters the mosquito when it lands on the painted surface, and disrupts the mosquito's nervous system, leading to paralysis and mortality. That's why it's not uncommon to see dead mosquitoes in our house.

I love how it offers consumers, like us, a safe and convenient solution to fend off the mosquito and provide protective benefits to the community. This effect will last for at least 2 years before wearing off. 

Besides its mozzieguard feature, it also has good stain, fungus and mould resistance. Many of us don't paint wall often as it is important for the paint to be durable and washable. 

Nippon Paint MozzieGuard is safe - free from lead, mercury and DEET. It still has the smell of paint but not as intense. It passed toxicology test conducted by independent laboratory and is registered with Singapore National Environment Agency (NEA) for use. 

With so much features, I find it hard not to love the Nippon Paint Mozzieguard. In fact, we used it for all nearly all the walls! What a joy to bid goodbyes to the nasty mosquitoes! 

Do you battle mosquitoes like we did before? Check out more on Nippon Paint's website to find out more!

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