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3 Important Life Lessons from "Chicken Little" by The Little Company

 What comes to your mind what you hear of "Chicken Little"?

If you've watched before the "Chicken Little" produced by Walt Disney in 2005, you might recall a young little chicken who gained the reputation for being crazy since he caused a panic saying the sky is falling. I found the little bespectacled chicken really cute and it left a very deep impression in me. We even had a snippet of Chicken Little at our wedding.
So, i was really looking forward to watch the "Chicken Little" presented by The Little Company when the media invitation came in. I was curious to see how similar or different these 2 stories are.
Oh well, both stories have the lead called Chicken Little and both tells of a story of a falling sky! But, the Chicken Little by The Little Company is a different one!


The poor Chicken Little is a very timid one and she fears of every little things - even the rain. So when one day she feels something fall on her head, she immediately fears the worst – the sky is falling! But when none of her family hears her plea, she sets about telling the only one who’ll listen to her – The King.

On her quest to save her fellow farmyard animals, she met a whole host of quirky, vibrant much-loved characters, including Cocky Locky, Ducky Daddles and the brave Turkey Lurkey. Unfortunately, it wasn't smooth sailing one.
They met with fierce water and a hungry Foxy Loxy. Did they make it to the King alive?

Yes, they did!!
It's our 3rd musical play by The Little Company. Hence, we naturally has high expectations on the show. Guess what, they didn't disappoint at all! We totally enjoyed it! Emma loves it and she has been spending up to 15 mins looking at our photo with the casts daily for the last 5 days. She must be replaying the whole story in her mind while looking at our photo. She asked lots of questions about the show - their names, why they behave in certain way and even commented on small details like their wings!

It seems like the stage set up gets more and more impressive show after show. I love how grand, bright and colourful it was! It makes me happy just by looking at it! It uses lots of lightings and there was even a surprise half way through the show. We love the songs - so cheerful, catchy and meaningful! It's a pity that we don't get to bring copies of the songs back! I would love to listen to them again!

3 Important Lessons from "Chicken Little"

While it's a very light hearted story, there are so much lessons from the story. Here are my top 3 important lessons from Chicken Little.

1. One step at a time

We might not be as timid and "chicken" as Chicken Little, but we surely still have our fears and doubts. Chicken Little teaches us that it's alright to have fears and the only way to overcome the fear is to face it. Yes, we talked about being brave but how do we actually learn to be brave? I think I found some clue. With just one step at a time, we will slowly beat our fears, become braver and achieve our goals. It effectively delivered the message with the catchy "take one step" song. It's not an easy concept for the little ones but at least the phrase "one step at a time" will surely stick with them for a while. I look forward to encourage this mindset in the girls.
Many times, things get so overwhelmed that I don't even know how I could get over it. But, I never want to give up. I truly believe in moving one step at a time, doing things bit by bit even when it seems impossible. We might still be full of fear and doubts. It might take some time or a long time, but we will eventually get there if we don't give up and keep our faith. So, one step at a time!

2. It's ok to be different

Everyone is unique so it's ok to be different. Ducky Daddles, a single legged duck, embraces her difference and disability with so much optimism, confidence and grace. This stood out to Emma, she kept asking about Ducky's leg. I guess, it hard for her to accept that difference. I hope she would learn to embrace her differences one day!
It's also a lesson for me. To be honest, comparison, competition and jealousy do sneak in me sometimes. Whenever that happened, I would pray for a clearer perspective and bigger heart. These feelings and thoughts can either be constructive or destructive. One can become so consumed by these feelings and thoughts that they forgot the blessings that are already in their life. I find it easier to cope when I believe that God makes everyone differently and he has special plans for each of us. We don't always need to be like others. We don't always to ask for what others have. It's really ok to be different!

3. When in trouble, think out of the box and be creative!

The poultry friends needed to cross the fierce water and couldn't swim in it. Everyone was lost but Turkey Lurky managed to come out with a creative solution! They were captured by the Foxy Loxy but eventually managed to escape with Chicken Little's creative idea!
With so many troubles and problems in life, life skills like problem solving, thinking out of the box and be creative are really important. Through reading, storytelling, outings and watching plays like "Chicken Little", I really hope to open up their eyes and mind, inspire the girls and hone their creativity skill, imagination and critical thinking over time. It's amazing how much simple plays like these could impact the little ones. Emma still talk about Peter Rabbit and Red Riding Hood from time to time.
This musical play is a really entertaining, meaningful and educational one! It's a great play to expose the little ones to fear, courage and bravery! It isn't just for the little ones, it's for the whole family to enjoy!

Even though Emma probably don't get a the total true meaning of the play, she enjoyed it so much that she asked to watch it again with Avalyn. She even wanted to give Chicken Little a hug. What about our youngest audience, Avalyn? She didn't want to miss out the fun. Halfway through the show, she woke up from her nap and watch the play with us! She was really focused on the stage!

With school holidays coming around the corner, why not put devices and screen aside and take some time to catch this captivating live musical play!  Hope you have a great chickenly time!

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