Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Let's celebrate with Mmmm!

Few weeks back, we celebrated my mum's and brother's birthday at our new crib! It was a surprise for my mum. She was shocked to see the whole village to appear at our house. Their presence, wishes and presents meant so much to her.

t's really a joy to be able to celebrate my mum's birthday with the big family and have them warmed up the house. They have been a strong pillar of support to our family during tough time. 2017 has been a very eventful year for our family and we are thankful for them and, God's blessing and protection upon us. 

Being an inexperienced host and the first time hosting 21 pax at our crib, I was a little stressed up. I even forgot to take photo of the birthday babies with the cake. But I'm glad it went all well and everyone had a great time! 

My greatest concern was food for the guests as I'm not a good cook. Thankfully, we had Mmmm! to share with us some of their Christmas ready-to-heat gourmet treats. I'm delighted to know that Mmmm! doesn't just sell marinated cuts and seafood, they also have ready-to-heat stuff!

They are fully cooked, chilled and vacuum packed to maintain freshness. 

After removing the items from the bags, I just had to reheat it using oven bake. They can also be reheated by water bath. It comes with re-heating instructions. I'm sure anyone can do it if I managed to. 

It didn't take too much effort for me to get ready this sumptuous spread! I ordered some fried mee hoon and curry to go along with them.

The honey baked ham and roasted grassfed ribeye were a hit! The ham chowder was awesome too! We cleared all of them except the bone in gammon ham as it was huge and actually tasted quite unique. Most of us prefer the baked ham instead. My cousin loves it so much and went to order from Mmmm! for her party too!

Check out Mmmm! if you are looking at some gourmet treats to impress your guests! The Christmas items will be available till 31 Dec 2017 and orders need to be made 3 days in advance. 

Hope you eould have a yummy Christmas! Happy feasting!

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