Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Thomashlynshome #9 - Our black and white kitchen

There's just something about white spaces that draws my heart and eyes to. I love how it make the space looks bigger, cleaner and more calming. And when it comes to kitchen, there is no exception. When we view the showroom of our current house, I'm so glad that it comes with a white kitchen or rather an open concept kitchenette. It's our 2nd white open concept kitchen! 

Many said it would be difficult to maintain a white kitchen, but I find that it isn't any more difficult than any other colour actually. But having an open concept kitchen isn't something for everyone. It works fine for people like us who only do light cooking. I reckon we can use the oven for roasting instead of deep frying. Besides the oven, we also have an inbuilt mircowave. So, I would say our kitchen is rather small but equipped.

Having to spend lots of time in the kitchen with the dishes. I love that I could watch the family them through the glass divider while I do the dishes. I don't like to hide in the kitchen and miss out all the actions. It's easy to supervise the girls while working in the kitchen.

Kitchen is also where we do the laundry. I'm so thankful that we no longer have to dry the clothes on poles with the washer and dryer. It saves us some time and fights too! Hubby and I don't need to negotiate over who to hand the clothes now!

We have a very small worktop, so I try to keep everything in the cabinets, and leave just the kettle and steriliser on the table top. I do my best to keep the kitchen equipments back to the cabinet after use.

Since we need to leave the frequently used steriliser on the counter top, I needed something that matches the kitchen. I simply love how well the Tommee Tippee steriliser fits in the kitchen. This monochrome baby is stylish, functional and easy to use! It also comes with matching milk bottles!

Now, I need to start thinking about cooking more for the family and Avalyn! By the way, she has just started eating porridge at school and she loves it!

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