Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Cleaning Services by KMAC International Pte Ltd

One of the biggest chore after renovation would be the cleaning of the house. The house was really dusty after the renovation. After we move in, Hubby and I tried to clean the house by ourselves but we gave up after a few days. 

We wanted to settle down as soon as we could. but the cleaning was intensive and tiring. Our high ceiling, full length sliding doors and stairs make the cleaning more tedious. Besides, we still have a baby and toddler who were still waking up a couple of times during the night at that time. I just returned to work for about a month and was still adjusting to the increased workload. So, the last thing I want to do was to do deep cleaning after work. 

For our sanity sake, we decided to seek help from the professionals! We are thankful to know KMAC International through a friend, and they were kind to lend a helping hand. KMAC International has been providing both residences and corporate cleaning services since 2010. They are committed to give the best cleaning services and provide highest value to all their clients in Singapore. 

Unlike the other freelance cleaners that I've engaged before, KMAC International hire full time cleaners. Their full time cleaners are trained to do professional cleaning. Besides, they also use full Eco-Friendly cleaning solutions. They also have various accreditation from agencies such as the World Safety and Health Council and National Environment Agency.

On the cleaning day, I was thrilled to see a team of cleaners with their own cleaning devices and products. Thank you for the special arrangement. 

For the standard residence cleaning, there is usually just one cleaner to provide the cleaning service. They will be using the customers' cleaning devices and products

They were experienced and went straight to cleaning. They started cleaning from "top down" leaving the floor the last to vacuum .It took them about 3+hrs to clean up the entire house!

It was liberating for me to watch them do their magic but I know it was not easy. I appreciate their hard work and sweat to go through all corners and height to clean the house.

For the high and reliable quality of cleaning services, I expected the rates be very much higher than what I paid the freelance cleaner. But, it was surprisingly very competitive. You can get cleaning service from $17.50 per hour on weekdays and $20 per hour on weekends!

Customers who sign up 6 months with them (with 2 months prepayment) will be able to enjoy the following discounted rate. The standard pricing is $250 for 3 hours and $300 for 4 hours on weekdays & $280 for 3 hours and $340 for 4 hours. The cleaning will take place on the same slots every week.

While I would love to sign up with them and get some extra help at an affordable rate, we couldn't find a regular  fixed 3 hr slot over the weekends. We attend church on every Sunday morning and meet up with families on both weekends evening/ It leaves us with only Saturday morning and both weekends afternoon for our random activities. In the meantime, I'm still figuring out how best to get extra help since we head out so much.

Are you looking for some help in cleaning too? Check out www.kmac.com.sg for more information! You can also reach them via email (enquiry@kamc.com.sg) or phone (+65 69093822).

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