Thursday, January 25, 2018

Eyecare by Your Eye Guardian

Hi, I'm Thomas. 

I'm Ashlyn's husband and Daddy to Emmalyn & Avalyn.

I know you've seen me around but honestly, the spotlights are always on the girls over here. Somehow. many loves seeing them in cute OOTDs, selfies and even candid shots. Being the 4th frequently featured subject on Ashlyn's social media, I'm glad that I'm not scrutinized. Nobody probably noticed that I've gotten a new pair of spectacles a month ago since there isn't a loud difference.

I'm not the most adventurous guy so a pair of classic, functional, black spectacles would work best for me. Ashlyn let me tried on those modern round (circle) big frames but they just don't suit me. 

So, what do I look for when choosing a pair of spectacles? 

1. Frame design and colour

A fashionista not, I prefer to have a frame that is suitable for both work and play. Black frame work well!

That round big frame that I mentioned earlier.

2. Frame material

I prefer something that is light and easy to maintain.

My choice!

3. Lenses type

For the lenses, I opted for Transitions Signature VII lenses with Zaphire nano blue coating to protect my eyes. 

With Transitions Signature VII, my eyes are protected against the harsh sunlight, UV and intense blue light. It quickly adapt from clear indoors to fully dark in the brightest sun. So, I don't need to wear a sunglass when I'm outdoor. In addition, it also help to protect me eyes against harmful blue light emitted by artificial sources such as digital devices and LED lights.

Zaphire nano blue light coating protects me from the harmful blue light. Having to face computer screen and mobile phone frequently, the coating will reduce stress on my eyes by reducing brightness and glare from display screen. Do you know that harmful blue light has long term effect on eye damage, including age related macular degeneration?

4. Cost of spectacles

Value for money is the key. Since I would be wearing it for a long period, it is worthwhile to get quality lenses and spectacles. 

5. Service

Checking of eyesight and helping to find a suitable pair of spectacles are usually all we expect from from an optical shop. But, who doesn't love a more value-adding service?

I was impressed, when Benny, a certified optometrist, from the Eye Guardian did a comprehensive eye health screening apart from the standard eyesight evaluation. This was certainly beyond what I'd expected of an neighbourhood optical shop.

Using the machines that you would find in eye clinics, he checked on my eye pressure and examined my external & internal eye. 

After all the checks, he patiently explained the results and prescribe lenses according to my needs. I'm happy to hear that my eyes are pretty healthy!

My experience with Your Eye Guardian

It's an enriching and comprehensive one. Totally worth a trip!

While it's not a big shop like you see in the shopping malls, it has pretty decent selection of spectacles and lenses. What really value adds is his professional advice and useful eye health screening at an affordable price. 

Instead of having the spectacles fitted by an optician, seeing an optometrist seems a much wiser and effective choice. Benny is a certified optometrist who is really passionate about eye health. He aims to help as many of his clients to educate, identify and prevent eye diseases. In addition, he has spoken at numerous talks and lecture on effective eye care since 2002. Being a Dad himself, he is also very good with children. Check out a million echoes' post on the kids-friendly experience.

I would recommend anyone who is planning to get a new spectacles or suffering from any eye discomfort to visit Benny and have their eyes checked. He could address your eye problems by prescribing updated lenses. In some cases, he would refer his clients to suitable departments in hospitals or clinics for treatment at early stage. 

Free Ocular Health Checkup + Free multi-coat UV400 Lens

Good news! Your Eye Guardian is giving away a free ocular health checkup + free multi-coat UV400 Lens (worth $97). Simply sign up via this link. If you are suffering any form of eye discomfort, you should go for this!

Your Eye Guardian
Address: 18 Jln Membina Singapore 164018 (Opp Tiong Bahru Plaza)
Contact no: 62753373

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