Tuesday, April 3, 2018

My Babywearing Journey X Soul Singapore AnoonA baby carrier

 "We can't cuddle our babies all day long - we have to go places, clean, eat, and so on. But, babywearing means we can get on with life and still hold our babies where they are happiest!"

Before motherhood, I knew nothing about baby carrier but I fell in love with it the very first time I use it. Emma was 5 weeks old, and I needed to go out for a walk after 4 weeks of confinement at home. The experience was so amazing and liberating! I was very cautious about handling Emma then but with the carrier on, I didn't have to worry about dropping her, sore arms and she was safe in the carrier. Over time, I become such an expert with it that I could eat, shop and go on oversea trip with her in the carrier. I babywear her till she was almost 3 years old.

After over a year of break, I picked up my carrier and continued my babywearing journey with Avalyn. Avalyn doesn't like to sit in stroller and we gave up trying after some time. It is hard to be pushing an empty stroller and carrying a baby while holding an active toddler. So, using a carrier is easier for us. She hardly reject to be put into the carrier, and she falls asleep in it pretty easily. When she's home with us on weekends, she only wants to play and refuses to nap. I often have to babywear her till she dozed off before putting her down on the bed.

It frees up my hands when she's in the carrier so I get to continue to do things, take care of Emma's needs and even hold Emma's & Hubby's hands. This way, both of the girls would be contented (most of the time)!

I would be lying to say it doesn't ache after walking 3 hours with a baby on me for hours. So, it's very important to have a carrier that gives good support. But, it seriously helps a lot! I won't be able to even walk for 30 mins carrying a baby without a carrier.

Most importantly, I love the closeness and the special bond that a carrier brings to mother and baby! The girls are only babies for a very short time and I want to carry them close to me for as long as I could. I was excited that Hubby finally tried babywearing after 4.5 years and he still babywears Avalyn once a while. Oh well, I can't let him miss out this amazing parenting experience right!

Do I worry for raising clingy children or spoiling the girls? Not at all! Thankfully, both girls love the Daddy as much as they love me! Emma can gets a little clingy but she's usually fine after some encouragement. Once she gets warmed up, she would transform to an independent active girl. Avalyn is a contented baby and she loves to play with Emma. She's happy to roam around the house and play with her big sister under our supervision.

Honestly, I really miss the time I babywear Emma. In a blink of the eyes, she's just a big girl now. I couldn't carry her for more than 10 mins, or maybe it's 5 mins. She gets to places, toilet, car seat by herself (she could even bucket up her own seat belt). These days, she could happily hang around with the big sisters when we go for an hour long of bible study at church.

Soul Rosa AnoonA

Meanwhile, I'm just going to treasure the babywearing journey with Avalyn. I started using Soul Rosa Anoona (meaning ‘one without flaws’ in Kannada) baby carrier (retailing $189) few weeks ago and it's becoming my go to carrier now!

I fell in love with the colours at first sight! More often than not, I'm always in black so a bright orange and yellow orange surely adds up the colours on me! So, I would wear my old black one when I'm in colours and this orange one when I'm in dark colours like black or dark blue.

This all cotton carrier is really soft and requires no breaking in at all. It's no surprise to see Avalyn keeps on sleeping in it as it's so comfortable. The material is not stuffy and perfect for the weather in Singapore! Mine has one tiny slub but Souls is very considerate to assure that it is the nature of the natural fabric textiles, so any colour variations, loose threads, tiny slubs or unevenness of the fabric are not considered as defects and they actually highlight its natural beauty and uniqueness.

I took some time to hook up the carrier as all the straps are adjustable. Even the waist panel is adjustable so it makes it suitable for babies weighing 3.2-20 kg. It offers 5 carry options – newborn, front, front facing out, hip and back carries. I love carrying the girls front facing so it feels like hugging them all the time! I have no problem babywearing Avalyn in Souls carrier for 3-4 hours.

Some carrier requires baby insert for newborn but AnoonA is so well designed that the neck support just needed to be flipped in and it fits newborn nicely. I find it really value for money as the carrier can be used from newborn till toddlerhood!

Last but not least, it's a one size fits all! Anoona fits adults from petite to plus-sizes. It brings about convenience and comfort. I don't always wear outfits with pockets so little details like a small pocket on the waistband helps me a lot!

Thank you Soul Singapore for bringing in such lovely carriers to Singapore. Avalyn and I are loving it!

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