Thursday, July 5, 2018

Choosing baby carrier x Soul Singapore

After trying out 5 baby carriers, 3 different brands and close to 4 years of baby wearing, I came to a conclusion - baby wearing is super useful but it's not easy to choose a carrier. I'm sure the search for a perfect carrier is even more daunting to new mummies.

Here's some quick pointers which I hope would be useful for you to choose a carrier that's suitable for you!

1. Types of baby carriers

There are a few types of baby carriers - structured carrier (front/back) wrap and slings. I've only tried front carrier and wrap. I prefer structured carrier as it's easy to put on and take off. Wrap was good for us when Avalyn was young as she was really small. She got tugged in nicely. I've never tried a sling before. Everyone has different preferences so just keep trying to find out what works best for you and your baby!


2. Functionality and comfort

Thankfully, all the carriers work well in terms of functionality for me so far - comfortable and functional. Most importantly, baby legs shouldn't be hung tangling. The carriers need to support baby legs and take away the pressure on the hips. Also, look out for the recommended baby weight for the carrier.

However, the comfort level differs carrier from carrier. It might be good to try out different carriers at baby expo or stalls. As baby grows heavier, the comfort level might change too.

For the two Soul carriers, I prefer the Grace cotton AnoonA ($225) over the Rosa Linen AnoonA ($189). Rosa is very soft, comfortable and breathable. It isn't hot to wear. However, I find its support insufficient when Avalyn got heavier. Grace cotton on the other hand is tougher, takes some breaking in but provides a very good support. Less strain on my back! Unlike Rosa which I had brought it to Bangkok and wear it almost full day without feeling hot and uncomfortable, Grace might be a little less breathable. Wearing it in air conditioned place would be perfect! I also love AnoonA for its flexibility as it is highly adjustable to fit baby from newborn (3.2kg) to toddlers (20kg). It doesn't require carrier insert.

3. Brands & price

Honestly, there are so many brands around! There are some high-ends brands that hit more than a few hundreds. For me, I usually go for mid range brands that are value for money! Soul Singapore is one that I find priced competitive. One can get a cotton AnoonA from $169 or lower when there's promotion! Well, it's really depends on your budget.

4. Design

The designs out in the market are countless and it's becoming another fashion accessories for mummies and daddies too! Soul Singapore has solid colours, colour gradients and printed designed. I personally love solid colours and simple prints as it makes it easy to match. What about you?

Hope you babywearing journey would be as enjoyable as it can be!
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