Saturday, August 25, 2018

TimeZone X Sugar Rush party Part II

"There’s no one I’d rather be... than me” - Wreck it Ralph


And now, to more details of our Timezone x Sugar Rush party! Hubby’s nagging philosophy is “if you want to do it, do it well. Don’t do it half-hearted.” Oh well, it was easy for him to say because I was the one doing almost all the preparation! He’s best at giving lots of ideas and run errands. He said he’s visionary. Haha! Nevertheless, hunting outfits, a vanellope cake and sugar rush cake table, customized tees as door gifts and buffet were all that I wanted and what I could manage in 2+ weeks.


It’s our 3rd cake from Cake Inspiration, and they truly never disappoint.

I thought it was a challenge as I didn’t find any nice Wreck it Ralph cake online at all. The closest sugar rush vanellope cake that I found online and like didn’t look exactly like her. I sent a couple of photos over and cakeinspiration was confident to do a nice one. I left the actual design to them and was super impressed when I saw the cake. It totally set the theme right! Worth my every penny!

Cake Table

Our party wouldn't be so pretty without the help of Party Ever After for the cake table! We picked the Oh My Pink! box ($59.90) and a balloon arch and curtain backdrop with frame (~$150). Party Ever After carries DIY party decor boxes and backdrop rental at a pocket friendly rate! The standard box includes tassels, paper lanterns, balloons and poms poms.

It’s usually DIY but they are really kind to help me set everything up. It took them less than 45 mins.To make it a sugar rush theme, I printed candies and cakes cut out to decorate the table. Thanks Bro for helping with the design!


I’m totally loving how the whole set up turn out to be! Classy and pink like how I want it to be!

At PartyEverAfter, their goal is to inspire everyone to get hands on when planning their party. They know how stressful it might sound to those who can't tell the difference between tassels and pom poms or those who simply do not have the luxury of time. So, they came up with these DIY Party Boxes that comes with thematic decorations to put up an 'insta-worthy' party AND at an affordable cost. This way, you can skip the headaches and still DIY your party (with jussssst a little help from them of course!) 

Quote 'Ashlyn15' to enjoy 15% off DIY Party Boxes. View the party boxes here or email to find out more! Promo runs from now till 30 Sep 2018.

Door gift

I can’t find costume for Sergeant Calhoun so I thought it would easier to get it printed on tees for Hubby and me. Then, I had a crazy idea to print tees for the children as they would look so cute together! Thanks parents for being so sporty to put on the tees! Also, it’s a smaller group so I have slightly more budget to play around with. I designed them and sent them to express print at wee hours. What do you think? I’m a little bumped that I made a small typo, but a least it would look fine to most people.



Our buffet was from On and On Diners Pte Ltd. It was our first time ordering from them and their dishes were amazing! We would surely order from them again! They have a wide selection of food and good portion. I was so happy to see the guests enjoying their dinner. The kids were getting impatient to wait for their parents to clear their 2/3 round of plate so that they can head out of the party room for play! My favourite dish got to be the beancurd in chili crab sauce with man tou!!! Must try! Will share more in a separate post!

I'm so thankful that party went well and everyone enjoyed themselves! And so, this is how joy is when you see people around you feeling happy!

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