Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Eyelash Extension by Allure Beauty

I want to look good, who doesn’t? As a working mum to 2, life has been very exciting and hectic. I constantly find myself running short of time. 10 mins is all I usually have to do my make up in the morning. But honestly, I’m actually too time-tight, lazy and tired to put in my 101% in dressing up.

Over time, I realized looking good just takes a little more time, effort, right “tools” and investment. So, I turned to semi permanent make up like eyebrow embroidery and eyeliner embroidery to look good and save time!

Last Dec, I gave eyelash extension a shot! And the result was amazing!! It immediately enhanced the look! Among the 3 enhancements, all done at Allure Beauty, eyelash extension has the greatest effect though I think all 3 are very essential. So many whom I’ve met in person asked about my lashes. I can draw my brows and eye liner but mascara never works well for me since I’ve very sparse and short lashes. Also, removing the mascara is a hassle.



I was jittery on the day when I did my eyelash extension at Allure Beauty. It was my first time and I didn’t exactly know how it work. After a quick chat with the staff, I was asked to complete a form to provide my details and preference for the type of eye lashes I would like to do. For a start, I decided to do a more natural look. 
 The whole process took 1.5 hrs in a small cosy private room. After laying down on the bed, the therapist carefully stick my eye lids in place. It was slightly uncomfortable but it was pretty painless. I actually felt asleep for a bit. The therapist put on the lashes one by one. I had the impression that they stick them to the eyelid like how we do for falsies. But, I was so wrong. The lashes were attached on to the lashes instead.

I’m impressed by the eyelash extension as it was light and comfortable. It doesn’t weigh down my eyelids and almost felt like normal! The transformation was immediate and I’m very pleased with the outcome.


It takes abit of caring thereafter. As the eyelash extension stick on the natural lash, it's unavoidable that the natural lash would fall off together with the extension if they were not well taken of. Still low maintenance, I would say. No rubbing of eyes and careful removal of eye makeup. I love to rub my eyes so it took abit of adjustment for me. As for the eye makeup, it was fine because it's not necessary to draw eyeliner with a full lash. The first set of eye lash extension lasted about 4-5 weeks. At 7th week, there are still a few strand of eye lash extension. 
I love how the eyelash extensions bring life to my eyes so I went back for a 2nd set last week! Yay to pretty lashes and thank you Allure Beauty for taking care of my eyes as always!

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