Friday, January 25, 2019

Drumming with Aureus Academy! Emma's 6th month update

"Let it go!", Emma replied without a second thought when Teacher Putera asked her what's her favourite song. After 7 weeks of 30 mins class (3.5 hrs in another word), she finally drummed a complete piece. It wasn't perfect but it was good enough for us. My heart swelled with joy and pride when Hubby shown me Emma's first complete drum pieces! I wasn't there as Hubby is usually the one to accompany her.

Emma's first 11 weeks with Mr Putera was spent going through the basics with "We will rock you", "One call away" and "7 years". Then, another 10 weeks or so on "Let it go!" and now just started another new song - "Fight Song". 

After 6 months of drum classes at Aureus Academy, we see progress! . It takes alot of coordination to drum and I'm glad she could even follow. Emma is now able to get the beats alot better. She seems to be able to read the notes a little but she sometimes look to Teacher Putera for confirmation. Generally, she knows which part of the drum to hit at Teacher Putera's counts. However, she still needs to work on the notes reading and do the counting herself. She's kind of memorising the beats now. Unlike piano or vocal, there isn't any book for drum. Thus, it's useful to get a really good teacher for drum class.

It's so cool to be able to play a piece but the unseen hardwork behind takes more time and effort than that few minutes of showcase. The practice weeks after weeks are often repetitive and can be dry for the little ones. I believe it will require some form of encouragement and alot of discipline to play music in the long run.

We seen Emma's ability to grasp the concepts and follow. However, her interest in drum seems swindled a little. We haven't been able to practice much with her at home. Despite all, Teacher Putera has been really great at engaging her and keeping her going. Best of all, Emma is making progress.

Anyway, I love that Aureus Academy has trial classes as it helps us to access Emma's interest and ability. For a while, we wondered if Emma would prefer other music classes. Hence, we let Emma try out the vocal class. She likes it too! When we asked if she would like to take vocal class, she said yes to it. Then, we asked if she likes to take vocal class or continue drum class. She replied she likes to take up both! Sorry Emma, it's hard to take more classes. Learn harder at church choir ok!

At least now we know she still has some interest in drum. We are giving her another 6 months to explore since she's still enjoying the class and Daddy gets to learn abit as well! 

Children being children, we know how fast they change their mind. It's a good thing that Aureus doesn't require their students to commit to any term, school fees are paid monthly. Nonetheless, I think it does take some parental judgement to decide whether and when to push the children to persist in pursuing music. Talent? Interest? Finances? Scheduling? Goals? Ultimately, we parents all want the best for the children.

Let's see how things beat and roll! 

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