Friday, May 17, 2019

Happy 2nd Birthday, Avalyn!

Dear Avalyn

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Over the last 12 months, you've grown so much! You started wobbling when you turned 1 year old and now you are such a confident walker! You gave us heart attack when you climbed up the high platform bed steps on fours at 13 months old. Now, you climb up and slide down the indoor playground gym like a big girl! Yes, you went down very high slide at Waka Waka Indoor Playground all by yourself when you are just 21 months. Recently, you like to walk up and down the steps by yourself while holding to the handrails. You also started running and we love how hard you swing your arms even though you aren't really running very quickly. You shake, turn around, spin and jump (bounce). Though you are very active, you are mostly happy to stay in the carrier when we have long walk. Phew! It is hard to carry you in my arms for long.

Your motor skills are pretty well developed! You doodle and colour. Your pincer grasp is almost perfect that you could even pinch us. You scratch. You throw. You could feed yourself with fork and spoon though you very much prefer to eat with your hands. You are able to unscrew bottle cap. You wear your own shoes happily and keep them to the shelves! You are learning how to wear your pants too!

You are certainly a foodie and enjoy a wide variety of food. I still do my best to let you have home cooked food. However, you also get to taste cakes and ice cream! You are still taking formula milk, 4 times a day.

You've brought so much joy to the family! You are a happy and playful baby. You are loving and always give us tight hugs. We found ourselves laughing alot more because of the cute little things that you say or do. You now smile on demand. Your big sister always go "Awww~so cute!". But, honestly, we sometimes think that you are baby Jack Jack (The Incredibles). You scream and cry the house down when you are tired or don't get what you want. Thankfully, you are more calm these days as you understand us better and are able to express yourself with words.

I must say you are picking up words so fast! One day, you said "Don't do that..." and many more short phrases like "I want toys" soon came along. You could count from 1-10 and recite ABC with assistance. In fact, you could repeat most 2 syllabus words very well. I guess you've been well taught by the school and your big sister who always like to make your follow her sentence and repeat after her. Your favourite songs are Mama-dododododo (in baby shark tune), happy birthday and twinkle twinkle little stars. Besides your child care, you also started attending Children Sunday School at church when you are 17 months.

You enjoy activities include water play, swimming, simple art craft like reading story books, dot painting, playing playground, kiddy car rides. You play cooking toys, rabbits house and even barbie toys! You love soft toys, baby dolls and bags! In fact, you just love to check out things and bring them around the house. There was even once we found your water bottle in our wardrobe.

You love dressing up and looking at yourself in the mirror. I will never forget that intense look you had when you dress up in the Thai princess costume. You looked confused but still willing to let the staff dress you up. On a separate occasion, you held on to your dress and said "mei mei pretty". We went shopping for shoes and pointed to the one that you like. When I gave you another one to try, you said "No no" as you shake your head. So far, you've only shave once and trim your hair once. Your hair is fine and I hope it will thicken as you get older. Daddy had wanted to shave you the 2nd time but I resisted.

You've been to a number of movies but you never managed to sit through one. However, disney on ice show was captivating enough for you. You were perhaps older to appreciate show then. Some interesting places that we've visited are fire station and animal farm. From Superpark to Waka Waka to Timezone to outdoor playgrounds, you are always game to explore the different spaces.

Having a toddler didn't stop us from traveling. We brought you and your big sister to Phuket and Bali. You're a good traveller! I think an adventrous one. You had fun with sea waves and sands even though you were skeptical. You are always on-the-go with us, and thus couldn't have a fixed nap routine especially on weekends. But thankfully, you are coping with it quite ok. Your bed time remains at 9pm and normally not later than 10pm. On weekdays, you wake up at 7am and by 8.30am on weekends. 

Of all, we are most thankful that you are a healthy girl! You were discharged from CETV aka club foot. Your problem was postural. You finally finished all your jabs. Most of the time, you developed fever but got well quickly. Whenever you had fever, the temperature tends to go very high. There was once you even went up to 39.9 and needed a suppository at your butt to quickly bring the fever down. You get bites and rashes frequently but they are so far within control. Your teeth are more or less out but I didn't manage to hold you down long enough to count them.

Life for you with a big sister has been fun and exciting. Before you came along, I was worried that you would lose out especially on the personal time with us. However, it turned out that you are gaining so much more to have a big sister. You are blessed with a very loving sister who always tell us how much she loves you. Before you learn to wear your shoes, your sister helped you. She tie her hair for you once a while and loves to feed you snacks. Even though both of you fight over toys, things ans me, we mostly find some compromise. Sometimes, both of you resolve it yourselves. You screamed and refused to let your sister sit on a new ride but eventually realised that the ride is so much more exciting when both of you share it. In fact, both of you play very well together. Your big sister loves to hold your hands and walk you around the house, even to toilet. There are more hugs than fight between both of you. You learnt so much stuff and did so much just by hanging around with her. I just love how you both interact and engage. Nonetheless, you aren't the only one learning! You also taught your sister what are love, patience, care and adaptability. Since you aren't an easy nut, she learnt how to divert your interest and give alternatives to soothe you.

When your big sister attends enrichment classes, we get to spend some quality time together. You are happy to hang out with both Daddy and me though the inital separation from me is usually tough. However, I really think it's so much more fun to play with your sister than me.

We thank God for these 2 fabulous year! You are indeed a rainbow baby - one that bring so much colours and hope to our life. Life has been busy with 2 of you. I'm always thankful that it is enriching. I thank God for the strength and wisdom to take care of both of you. Many times, I wish I could have more extra more time to do what I want and like to do. Nevertheless, I've learnt and still learning to prioritise and focus mostly on important things. I will never be perfect, but I'm doing what I can do to be a good mother to both of you. On your birthday, I pray that you will continue to be healthy, cheerful and never stop exploring!

Daddy, Mummy and Jie Jie love you so much!

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