Monday, May 27, 2019

Keepsake by Ryo: Keeping memories with handmade breastmilk charm and jewellery!

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12 months after I stopped breastfeeding, I still have a tidy stash of frozen milk left in my freezer. I don't know why I keep them but can't bear to discard them. Perhaps, I just want something to hold on to after a total of 27 months of breastfeeding both girls.

I've shared in several posts, breastfeeding is such a complex and emotional journey. I don't miss all the hardwork but I miss being able to nourish the girls with my body. It brought me so much joy to see how well the girls are growing!

Recently, I came across Keepsake by Ryo while looking for gifts for a girlfriend. They make beautiful customised keepsake jewellery out of breastmilk. They also make jewellery out of baby hair and cord. At that moment, I knew I need to get them for myself as keepsake too! I regret not doing one during Emma's time because I treasure both breastfeeding journey so much!

I was spolit for choices over at Keepsake by Ryo. There are so many designs! I chose to make 2 pieces! The Solitaire: Pave circle pendant with breastmilk stone as a piece to wear and Breastmilk charm with precious metal stone to keep. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them. 

Somehow, Avalyn had some sort of affinity with it. I just casually told her that it was her milk and it stuck onto her mind. She shocked me by pointing and saying it's milk, and hers. So heartwarming!

If you are feeling emotional over the whole breastfeeding and motherhood thing, you really need to check out Keepsake by Ryo! They are indeed perfect handmade keepsake for all mummies!

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