Tuesday, September 10, 2019

DIY lanterns using recycled materials!

I'm no craft expert but just a mommy who love to craft with my girls and children!

Thank you Channel 8 狮城有约 for giving me the opportunity to be on the national TV!

It was such a great experience though I was having lots of butterflies in my stomach, almost blanked out at the start and struggling to speak good mandarin throughout the show. Nonetheless, I'm glad it went ok (I think!)! Thank God for healing my cough just in time for the show! Also, thank you for all your kind words and moral support!

I've made these few DIY lanterns for the show. Feel free to grab any of the designs (Unicorn, Fox, Owl and Frog) if you like them! You just need to print the template (best on thicker paper), cut them out and paste on recycled containers or mooncake boxes using double sided tape and attach them to a stick with string. Then, put in a battery operated candle. Easy peasy!

Thanks bro for all the help in the preparations and the cute design templates!

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