Monday, August 19, 2019

Let's Go Glamping!

I booked ourselves on an adventure with Go Glamping over the long weekends for Emma's birthday and received many mixed reviews and comments from the family and friends.

Hubby said: "What if it rains...", I said: "It won't rain because it's National Day weekends!"
Friend 1 said: "It's not real camping".
Friend 2 said: "It's so pretty, I've been thinking of trying it out".
Friend 3 ask: "What about toilet?"
Brother said: "Think it would be fun for parents but I'm not in town."
Thankfully, our birthday girl said: "This is so cool!"

While I'm quite a dainty girl since young, some of my best times happened at camping with church pastor and friends at Pulau Ubin. We had to cook our own food, dig holes as toilet, go on hike and even dark walk. It was very challenging for me physically but I will still do it again. In fact, I did it few times when I was a teenager!

I also had many fond memories camping out overnight with my parents, brother, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. There were no tents and we just slept on the mats under the moon and stars. We had picnic, crabbing and fishing at night. I will never forget those carefree days and I thank my family for that. I believe these experiences among many have moulded me to who I'm today - flexible and adventurous despite my faint hearted self.

As a parent myself, I wish the girls could have similar memories and experience to last them for life. However, I'm not the best person up to it. Thankfully, there's Go Glamping who makes camping alot more feasible and comfortable.

There's no lugging of heavy tent, no pitching of tent and best of all, the set up by Go Glamping is so pretty! It's exactly what I see on their website. It's perfect for first timer campers! Honestly, it's really easy compared to what I had in the past.

Go Glamping's pricing starts from $200 per night for 2 pax to $380 per night for 8 pax. There's a 10% discount for pre booking made in August. Check out more on their website. We had a medium white bell tent equipped with exterior and interior decor. It comes with fans but it's actually very cooling at night.

The girls had fun playing with the sands by the beach. I should have brought along a big umbrella to shelter as it was very hot!

Emma continued playing with her childcare friends who were so sweet to come over to play with us. They had a wild time soaking by the beach even though the water was not the cleanest. After shower, we had dinner at the Seafood village.

By night time, Avalyn was suddenly down with fever so Hubby brought her home. It turned out that she had roseola and only recovered after 6 days.

I didn't want to disappoint Emma so I braved the night (with lots of prayers of course!) to camp overnight with her alone for the very first time! 

While I wish Hubby and Avalyn were there enjoy the beautiful night with us, such 1-1 moment was hard to get. After washing up and chilling out under the moon for abit, I zipped up the tent and locked it. It was quite noisy outside but we managed to fall asleep on the queen size air bed. 

I slept well but woke up with slight backache that went away after some stretching by the sea! After we woke up and opened the tent, she went straight to the beach chair and immersed in the breeze & lapping waves. This girl surely knows how to enjoy life's little pleasure! She even asked for some breakfast by the bed. It was too bad, I only had milk bread but she happily take them. It was chilly so I threw a towel over her and left her to relish the quiet moment as I packed up.

It was hard to tear her away from the beach but we had to leave for church. She actually sneaked a rock into her pocket as momento. By the way, the check-in time is 2pm and check out time is 9am.

Here's some other information and tips if you like to try out glamping:

1. Camp permit is needed for the booking. Ours at Camp D over at East Coast Park. Camp permit is free.
2. There is only public toilets which can be of a walk depending on where the tent is pitched. I would try asking for a pitch near toilet or rent a bicycle for easily transport the next time!
3. Standby drinking water and snacks.
4. Relax, have fun and take things slow!

I'm a true hotel girl but I'm digging this in the most comfortable way to relive my childhood and attempt to forge unforgettable memories for the girls!!

Way to go, Go Glamping! Thanks for being part of our memories!

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