Saturday, March 7, 2020

Emmalyn's Fun with Abacus 1-Year Progress Update

I panicked a little as I flipped through Emma's math activity books before the start of her primary school. The school asked us to tear the perforated workbook according to units, staple and name them. There is algebra and statistics in a simpler form! I don't remember learning them so I wondered if Emma could catch up as she doesn't have any other mathematics enrichment apart from Abacus at Fun with Abacus.

Emma started learning abacus in February and it has been a year since she's on it. Over the year, she learnt about number bonds (P1 must know!), using abacus to do sums of ones and tens, started on hundreds and also anzan. She can count some sums of ones and tens using an imaginary abacus. 

Anzan, also known as 暗算, is the japanese way of calling mental calculation. Mental calculation or mental arithmetic just uses brain without any help from devices like abacus and calculator. Children who are well trained could work out the sums at super speed. While I don't need her to be able to do that, it would be a bonus if she could calculate faster.

During the class, it's alot about doing the sums - practice makes perfect. It requires alot of concentration and discipline. It was challenging for Emma as she's a rather active girl who can't really sit still. But, we did see improvements in her attention span. And the teachers are also extremely patient to keep guiding her. 

The children will be given a few pages of homework to practise and re-enforce their concepts. There are times she did really well when she wants to but also times that require some more encouragements.

Even though she's can be quite careless at her counting, I can see that still very comfortable with numbers. From her Primary School mathematics activity book, I can see that she's coping well with the sums so far. And, I must credit to Fun with Abacus for building a foundation in mathematics for her. There are still so much for her to pick up and I hope she will continue to love numbers & mathematics. 

If you would like to train up your children mental capacity, go check out their trial or the March Holiday programme. You can choose to attend 3 sessions at any time slots during the month of March at $90. Quote  "Ashlynthiablog" for a $20 off! The programme is opened to children between 4 to 10 years old. Check out the timings here

Through this programme, your children will:
1) Get to know the structure of the Abacus.
2) Know the place value of Ones and Tens on the Abacus
3) Learn to do addition using an Abacus

You can also go for a complimentary trial lesson when you quote "Ashlynthiablog". 

Call or whatapps them at 97865383 or email them at course@funwithabacus for more details!

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