Monday, July 13, 2020

Enjoying 8 Crabs at home!

After months of cooking and not dining out, I'm getting quite sick of my own cooking. When 8 crabs asked if I would like to try out their Sri Lankan premium wild crabs, I said yes! Hubby and I love crabs but we don't like the mess. So, eating crabs at the comfort of our home is perfect!

I ordered chili crab, black pepper crab, fried man tou and seafood horfun. They came hot and I even scorched my fingers a little while transferring them out.

The girls don't take seafood so they just eat the gravy horfun ($6) and the  fried mantou ($6 for 5 pieces). It was very tasty and is definitely very generous with their ingredients!

Hubby and I went straight for the crabs and the fried mantou! We started with chili crab ($68 for 750g) first and it was really good! The sauce is very full of flavour and is great with mantou. It indeed has a perfect blend between sweet, savoury, salty and spicy as claimed on their website. They were also all nicely cracked up and easy to eat.

Look at its meaty pincers!

I must say it's super fresh and finger licking good! To ensure freshness, these crabs are caught, flown, prepared and delivered to you within 12 hours! They also have a one driver to an order policy across their 12 kitchens island-wide so that we may uphold our promise of One Hour Crab Delivery.

The black pepper crab ($68 for 750g) are peppery and has a kick to it but I think that this the meat is can be a little more moist. The chili crab was more tender because it was simmered in the gravy.

A month ago, we also had crab from a zi char stall delivery and I could really taste the difference between both. Crabs from 8 Crabs are meatier, tastier, bigger, and less watery.

I learnt that most restaurants use farmed crabs because they are cheaper. Crabs are creatures that need space to move about and prefer to live alone. Being in a confined space in the crab farm actually caused the crabs to get stressed and produce ammonia. The ammonia smell of these farm crabs are thus cover up by strong gravies. We surely don't want so much of the ammonia.

Being the only company in Singapore using grade AAA premium Sri Lankan sourced wild crabs that are graded by the most experienced crab graders in the trade, their crabs are definitely value for money! Besides these dishes, they also have a wide variety of menu - seafood, meat, tofu, eggs & more! Go check them out on!

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