Sunday, August 16, 2020

Happy 7th Birthday, Emmalyn

Dear Emmalyn,

Happy blessed 7th birthday!

How did all the time fly so fast? It felt like we had just celebrated your graduation from your childcare last Nov with a concert. We love your performance and how you shine even though you are the smallest in size. We have seen how you've grown in personality and learning. But that was just the beginning of an even more exciting journey!

Entering primary school is such a great milestone and I thank God that you've been adapting well. You gained independence and courage with your new status. You had fun making friends, buying things and still quite chill about learning even though we had our fair share of struggle in keeping up.

It's unfortunate that Covid-19 happened and you didn't get to enjoy a more carefree 1st year. Instead of lots of running around the school, it's filled with home based learning, zoom lessons, safe distancing and masking. But thankfully, like many children, you are more resilient and flexible than we could ask for. I'm also glad we had some short trips to Batam and Malacca before all the lockdown.

We got to spend alot of time as a family during the Circuit Breaker and it's a blessing to be able to do so. You get to play more than you could under normal situation - Lego, TV, dolls and role play. We should really had studied more but I can't cope with working from home, Avalyn and housework. Instead, I decided to spend more time and effort on working on your heart.

I thank God that you have been a really good sister to Avalyn. Both of you do fight over toys and disturb each other, but there are alot more loving and sweet moments. You would come back from school telling me that you miss her. You enjoy spending time with her. You always drew pictures of her. You taught her many things like talking, drawing, playing, dressing up. And of course, some naughty things too. Avalyn loves you alot too and looks up to you as a role model.

Now that we are back to the regular routine in the new normal, it's time to pick things up. You started English writing at Write Edge and went back to physical lesson at Fun with Abacus.

You were supposed to take the RAD ballet exam in April but it was postponed till July. Since the examiners can't travel to Singapore, their dance was recorded for the examiners to grade. Glad that it went well and you came out of the exam happy with her performance! You are truly passionate about ballet and would like to continue learning.

As much as I would love to see you persist in drum, I know that you lack of that passion you had in ballet. I'm proud of how far you had came along and I believe the past 2 years of learning drum has surely helped to develop your interest in music. Your 2nd drum rectial last Dec was amazing! You also did a combined piece during the Covid-19 with the rest of the instructors and students of Aureus.

Because of Covid-19, we stopped swimming lessons and you only get to attend a few soccer classes. You miss swimming but we decided to take things slow. 


Meanwhile, let's continue to pray for Covid-19 to get out of our way! As we celebrate your 7th birthday, I want to give thanks to God for watching over you and our family for the past 7 years. There are always so much new experiences and incidents that we aren't always ready or equipped to handle them. And, I'm feeling the inadequacies and helplessness more and more year after year. I know I could only rely on God in this parenting journey. I pray for more wisdom and faith to parent both you and Avalyn. 

With love, 

Mummy & Daddy

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