Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Yoon Salon: 5 WFH Hairdo Ideas Ft. My Daughter

For those of you who have been working from home during this Covid-19 period, how are things going for you?

Unknowingly, it has been almost 6 months since I started working from home. It has been mostly good so far but some days can be rather overwhelming for me. Now that the girls are back to school, I find myself overly engrossed in work and take lesser breaks. In general, I feel as though I have been working non-stop, throughout the day and night. It has happened so many times and I always tend to end my day feeling drained with super messy locks! Furthermore, not needing to get out also means you don't need to dress up. On most days, I just had to remind myself to comb my tresses before jumping onto a zoom call.

To spark things up, I randomly asked Emma to help style myself. up. She jumped on the idea and was super excited! She happily took up my challenge to do up 5 working from home ‘dos like a master stylist without much help from me. She enjoys playing around with different styles. At times, she does a better job than me!

1. Pig Tails

She started off with my most favourite look and that's a pair of pig tails! This look, surely makes me appear a few years younger! Think it would look better with some curls!

2. Low Pony Tail

Next up, it's a low ponytail! I used to love high ponytails but I'm starting to love low ponytails a lot more these days! Just because they are much neater and classier!

3. Ballerina Bun

As a ballerina, Emmalyn always put on a bun. She learnt how to tie her own bun a couple of years back and is pretty good at tying them now. Do you know that there are more than 10 ways to tie a bun?

4. Braids

I tried very hard not to intervene with how she wants to style my locks. But too bad for this look, I had to interrupt her because her original idea was to tie 4 long braids around my head.

I'm proud to say that I've never really taught her how to braid. She learnt this skill by watching how her childcare teachers used to braid their students’ hair.

5. Braided Half-Tie

Then came her last styling idea. Instead of doing a normal half-tie, she added braids to it. Creative right! This is the front view and it looks so pleasant. She even suggested going for this look for my next zoom call with my colleagues.

Looks pretty fancy from the back view! Haha!

Bonus: Modified Pig tails

She didn't want to stop at 5 so we had the 6th! This is a modified version of the pigtail. She first used the end of the comb to select two small sections of my locks at both sides of my head. Then she slowly put a band around each section. Moving on, she divided my tresses into two huge equal sections and tied them up separately. She was so excited to call them the ‘modified pigtail’ style. I am thoroughly impressed with my daughter’s creativity.

Emmalyn certainly had fun being my stylist for the day! Bored of your daily ‘Work from Home’ look? Why not get your little ones to help you spruce things up? It's a fun mummy-daughter bonding activity! Last year, I let her do my make up for an outing and she was so thrilled! As a mother, I feel activities like these give me an opportunity to notice the talents of my kid. Moreover, their motor skills improve and they are well-occupied with something useful.

While I love my long tresses, I really think they need some trimming and perhaps a new colour soon. My last visit to a salon was in December last year. And after much procrastination, I've finally made an appointment with Yoon Salon for a pampering session coming week! Read on for their ongoing promotion!


Why Have I Chosen Yoon Salon?

YOON is an upcoming hair salon in town. Their team of stylists gleam with numerous years of experience in this industry. There is no technique that they are not aware of. They are highly equipped with the right skills to perfectly style a fresh new haircut or provide a satisfying treatment. YOON’s management ensures that the products used on clients are gentle and of high quality. I checked out their website and noted that all their treatments are right now going at a promotional rate of SGD 28. This deal is only available online and I found this incredible. Since the rate is affordable and I am in great need for hair therapy, I just knew that I should be giving this boutique a try.

I know that I definitely need a new coat of colour but I'm still contemplating whether I should also add in a perm or to change my look by trimming my hair short. Given that there are so many new modern hair colouring techniques today, I guess I'll just leave it in the good hands of YOON’s professional stylist to help me find the perfect look!

While looking through their website, I even saw a whole section full of articles that speak about hair care.

Do you want to know about hot and cold perms or about digital perming or about S-Curl rebonding? Fret not, all the information you need to clear your doubts is available on their website.


Looking for a pampering session or a change in your look? YOON is currently having a great promotion! You can try out 1 session of any of their services at only $28. Simply complete their online form on their website to redeem. You will be receiving a call from their Sales Department to book an appointment slot that’s convenient for you.

Yoon Salon Outlets

* This post is brought to you by YOON.

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