Thursday, December 31, 2020

Goodbye 2020! Hello 2021!

We made it through 2020! 

A year of Covid-19 flew past just like that! It has not been an easy year with the prolonged staying home, home based learning, working from home, safety measures, restrictions and masks! As a family, we also battled a week of chicken pox with the girls and another month of my Tuberculosis. Despite all, I thank God for watching over us in the times of pandemic. 2020 has certainly taught us important life lessons!

What 2020 taught me? 

1. Importance of health 

I'm thankful to be in Singapore where healthcare is prioritised and people could feel safe despite all the chaos. After experiencing knee pain, Covid-19, chicken pox and Tuberculosis through the year, I've certainly treasuring the importance of good health. I pray that 2021 will be a better year with all the vaccinations. I give thanks for God's protection and healing upon us.

2. Strengthening faith

It felt different not to have physical church services. There were virtual services, Sunday school, bible study and cell group but they cannot replace in person sessions. Personally, I find it slightly harder to focus with the girls around in the home environment. Nonetheless, I'm extremely thankful for church effort in keeping our faith growing!

Thanks to the support of my dearest sisters-in-christ, I'm learning to do my quiet time more consistently - about 8 months for the record. Eversince I stepped into the workforce, it had always be a challenge to maintain daily quiet time. There were times that I do my devotions daily but there were times when I neglected it. Curcuit Breaker and TB has prompted me to quiet down and surrender myself - to slow down my pace, reflect more and pray more. I'm thankful that I'm grown to set aside some time to spend with God. I'm definitely not perfect and still a work in progress.


3. Treasure family time

The few months of staying home have helped us learn how to treasure family time and be patient towards each other! While there are more fights and tears, we also had more fun and laughter. We built more LEGO, watch more shows, danced, laughed more than any other year. I sometimes wondered if the girls, especially Emmalyn, had played too much. We need to do more school work!

The months away from our parents also make us miss them more. I'm so thankful that they coped well with Covid-19 too! Thank you Brother for taking good care of them. I'm also thankful for many supportive and caring family members and friends.

4. Treasure work 

It's an unusual year at work but I'm thankful to be able to continue to work. I treasure the responsibilities, recognition, flexibility, trust and understanding that my boss has given me. While things are busy, I'm thankful that it has not been frustrating. I'm also thankful for the opportunities that the social media brings. 

5. Efforts paid off! Yay to straighter teeth! 

After a year of putting on invisalign, my teeth are alot more straighter now! It takes alot of discipline to brush and wear the aligners. I'm towards the end of the journey and I'm so glad that I decided to jump into this! It's one of my best investment in myself! Of course, there are endless enhancement we can do to make ourselves good better but most importantly we need to look good on the inside too! 

6. Take care of myself more! 

This is my yearly resolution. We can only give more when we are filled and happy. I spent alot of time doing things for the family and I'm always left with little time to myself. Or rather time with the family is so precious and I enjoy them that I chose to give up some of my personal times. I still need to work harder on my beauty care. Of course, meetups with friends, salon or shopping trips are definitely much needed!

7. Teach and learn with the girls

Now that the girls are older, I find that it's less tiring physically as they can do a fair amount of things themselves. However, there are alot more to teach in terms of their emotions, thoughts, characters, value and most importantly faith. I constantly remind myself to focus on their heart while wishing that they will do well academically. It isn't easy especially on school days when the time with the girls are short. I pray that we would spend that extra effort to build close relationship with the girls while teaching and learning with them. 

 Let's look back at 2020!


It was the start of PG2 and Primary 1 for Avalyn and Emmalyn respectively.


 We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and Chinese New Year!


What's the odds of both girls having chicken pox during the Covid-19 period? Thankfully, they were pretty cheerful despite the itch.



Circuit Breaker - when work from home and home based learning rolled into one. It was pretty intense. Thank God that we pulled through it!

Thankful to be able to celebrate another birthday with my love ones at home and virtually too!


Avalyn turned 3 years old. We had our first virtual party with friends over a magic show and a mini celebration with just the 4 of us. 


My 3 children sang "世上只有妈妈好" for me for the first time!


We were out of Circuit Breaker and celebrated Father's day together with the family!


Hubby got a new ride "Blue"!

Emmalyn had her ballet examination via recording.


Emmalyn turned 7 years old!


I fell sick in mid-sept, diagnosed with Tuberculosis and finally got well after a month! 


Recovered in time to celebrate Hubby's birthday!


School holiday started and we had a fair amount of activities for the girls! Thankful to be able to spend more time with them after being sick for a long time.




I'm thankful to be able to catch up with family and friends before the year ends. Glad that we were able to meet up a few times this year despite all the restrictions.


The girls were blessed with so many gifts and love! I tried my best to remind them to be thankful and not take them for granted.

No travel this year because of Covid-19 so Snow City is the closest to a Winter Holiday!

We wrapped up the year with a staycation!


What a roller-coastering year! Thank God for his protection through the year. 

For 2021, I pray that I would work harder to be a woman after God's heart. I pray for greater love, wisdom, time management and faith to juggle family, work and life. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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