Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Baby Ezra's Birth Story

We welcomed baby Ezra Ng on 02 June 2022!

38 weeks flew by and I just realised that I have not shared anything about my pregnancy on the blog! 

Long story short, we were happy with 2 girls but God has better plan for our family. He blessed us with a baby boy. It took us sometime to conceive Emmalyn, Baby M and Avalyn, and so it was a surprise to be able to conceive so easily this round. The entire pregnancy went pretty well with a few scare over tests and scans. Thankfully, all is well! It's nothing but God's blessing.

Having given birth to Emmalyn at Week 36+ and Avalyn at Week 35+, I was expecting to deliver earlier. However, Baby Ezra was baking very comfortably in my tummy until 38 weeks and 1 day. 

I was already 3cm dilated when I went for my 38 weeks check up. Hence, Gynae suggested schedule an induction the next morning. As it was my 3rd delivery and to avoid any drama, I decided to check into the hospital earlier at midnight. After quite a decent rest, it was finally time to offload!

At around 9.30am, I was 4cm dilated and Gyane broke my waterbag to move things along. Like before, I decided to do it without epidural again. As time passed, contraction got worst. I was relying on the laughing gas for quite a while until I was quite drowsy and decided to just manage the pain by controlling my breath. 

As it was dilating progressively, I wasn't given any oxytocin to speed up the process. I had them the last 2 rounds, so was surprised that I didn't need it this time. The nurse shared that while oxytocin speeds up the dilation, it will be more painful. 

By 1+pm, I was about 7-8cm dilated and the nurse started to ask me if I have feeling to pass motion/push. For previous pregnancy, I only started pushing when they found out that I was fully dilated and Emmalyn/Avalyn came out in a few pushes. However, for Ezra, I really had to push him out. After what seems like a countless push with the holding of breath, pulling up my thigh and pushing, I felt that my body were giving way and my legs were trembling. I asked Hubby to say a prayer. Thankfully, just before I wanted to shout out, I cannot. Hubby whispered "baby's head is out" and I gave a last big push with my remaining bits of strength. Baby came out and gave a wail. I broke into tears too. 

Gyane proceeded to deliver my placenta and sew up my tear. I managed to have some skin to skin moments and also to breastfeed him. 

It was a very different labour experience with a "new" Gyane as our previous Gyane left KKH for private practice. Thank God that everything went well and even the recovery seems faster. Perhaps the process wasn't too aggressive as before.

Baby Ezra's first night was a peaceful one. He drank and slept well. On the 2nd night, he was fussy due to gas (i think) as I forgot the importance of burping baby. After I managed to burp him, he was all calm again. 

After a series of routine checks on baby and me, we finally discharged on 4 June. It was a pity that the hospital doesn't allow visitors under 12 years so the girls only get to see him on video and meet him in person when we went home. Thankful that the grandparents were very helpful to take care of the girls while we were at the hospital and trying to settle down with our new addition.

While my hands are full with 3 babies, my heart is even fuller! Thank God for watching over the pregnancy, delivery and blessing us with this little bundle of joy. I don't know how I'm going to manage as a working mother to 3 but I know God will bring us through no matter what. We just need to surrender ourselves, trust him and walk closely with him. He will make things beautiful in his time. 

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