Wednesday, March 9, 2022

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While we can't travel conveniently like before, we can certainly count on authentic cuisine to ease our wanderlust a little. It was such a delight to try out some specially curated and high quality Japanese ingredients that RedManShop has brought into Singapore from Okinawa, Ishikawa and Kochi! 


Each of the 3 Japanese prefectures is renowned for prized food exports distinctive to its geographical location. Ishikawa is renowned for fresh seafood from its abundant fishing grounds, Kochi boasts an exclusive variety of vegetables and Okinawa exports first-rate ingredients harvested from its nutrient-rich land and pristine seawater.

Chef Shunsuke Kusubashi has cleverly cooked us a 5 course meal to bring out the best of these fine ingredients that you can conveniently get from the RedManShop.

with Momboss Calista 

We started off with Umeshu sparkling wine from Ishikawa. It's a plum sparkling wine, a refreshing drink with 7% alcohol.  

The first course was Burrata cheese & Tomato caprese. The cheese was nicely paired with sweet sakura syrup and juicy cherry tomatoes from Kochi. It was so appetising!

The next course, Seafood Ceviche, looked so delicious! It's a pity that I couldn't get to taste it as I'm pregnant and refraining from raw food. It consisted a mix of flying squid/Todarodes from Ishikawa and Avocado. It's suitable for grilled and sashimi dishes. Chef used natural sea salt from Okinawa. It's a great alternative to table salt as it's rich in minerals and low in sodium.

Next up was a bowl of flavourful prawn bisque. The chef used sashimi grade prawns from Okinawa and eggplant from Kochi.

Here comes the main course - Japanese-styled chilled tomato pasta. It looked simple but tasted really good! I could take another plate of it. You got to give this angel hair pasta and juicy cherry tomatoes from Kochi a try. The recipe can be found on RedManShop website.

Finally, we ended the meal on a sweet note with mango macaroon and brown sugar coffee from Okinawa.

Thank you RedManShop and the 3 prefectures for the wonderful gastronomical experience! I enjoyed it so much!

If you are looking to whip up some delectable Japanese dishes at home, go check out the ingredients and recipes on for some inspiration!


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